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The Best Between Bread-Iowa’s Sandwich Masters: Locale 51, Creston

The local sports bar is calling and why not spend your football game day here! We tackled the menu and now its time you all do the same. 129 North Pine Street

Creston, IA: Union County (Our 65th County)

The last days of summer drew Team Goodvin to a region of Iowa we’ve traveled to many-many times before. SW-Iowa has been been a destination for The Iowa Gallivant since our early days of this travel blog and that won’t be changing. Not ever. We write about the splendor of Iowa no matter where the compass points us because that’s what we find in all our travels and it’s what we embrace. And wouldn’t you know it…..We found a sandwich that can build up the spirits of anyone and dominate any appetite. Mario’s Sports Bar & Grill in the county seat is where we parked it and gobbled down our 51st contender on our Best Between Bread search. And that’s not all we sank our teeth into.

It’s a sports bar! So get something battered and fried, juicy, meaty, spicy and plenty of napkins! Or just just accept the fact that the entire table will be licking their fingers. BBQ glazed chicken wings with the perfect crunch was made for this behavior. Joining the lineup was a huge basket that Mario’s calls the Triple Play Platter. Fried pickles, cheese balls, and onion rings. Coming in off the bench was another BBQ’y inspiration. The Cowboy Burger with more onion rings, bacon, and sweet BBQ sauce. Also joining the team was your classic Gyro wrapped in pita with fresh veggies, creamy Tzatziki sauce and all that tender gyro meat. Fine meals all around but what put Mario’s on the gallivant map is truly breathtaking and cheeeeeeeeeeeeesy…….

May thy hands be steady and and thy jaw protected from locking.

Mario’s presents your favorite appetizer on a bun. The Nacho Burger! An incredibly juicy burger topped with nacho cheese, sour cream, salsa and crunchy corn tortilla strips. Yes it will drip and that’s why you should be professional and eat it over your fries. That’s just how I was raised folks. This could be a possible champion in December and that announcement is getting closer and closer. No matter the outcome, I know we’ll be making more stops in Creston as I’ve been doing for nearly 40 years. Especially when there’s a magical burger awaiting our arrival. See you again, U-Co!

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