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The Best Between Bread-Iowa’s Sandwich Masters: Locale 62, Montrose

And you thought Iowa City was home to the only Kinnick venue in the Hawkeye State. 1 Main Street

Montrose, IA: Lee County

It’s another game day and you need another reason to park it in front of the TV and keep it there while you cheer on or anguish over the Hawkeyes. What’s your favorite thing to munch on during football season? We all know the heavyweights, like chicken wings, quesadillas, burgers, and the world of appetizers at the tip of your fingers and taste buds. However, there’s something else that you may need to focus on when the time comes, especially when you’re at Kinnick on the River in Montrose, Iowa.

Gizzards, Reubens, French Fries, oh my! Loaded soups, crystal clear speakers, speedy service….and how else can this experience get any better? How about some spectacular great river views and all that amazing autumn shades you long for all year? You’re taking scenic road trips so why not eat well while you’re doing so. And have of one of these big boys when you are out and about….

The catch of the day. Cuz its fish that’s why.

There is nothing better than ordering a tasty sandwich and having it nice and hot as its placed in front of you. And having it be hot when you take your first bite and set it down. Then sipping half of your beer and it is still steamy hot. And then taking a lap around the river and touring nearby Nauvoo and coming back and having to blow on it before taking another bite. Kinnick on the River may have one of THE BEST fish sandwiches in Iowa and they have somehow figured out a way to keep amazingly hot, which is what we want in these autumn months. The crisp air should meet with a crisp sandwich that is huge, fresh, and required to trade hands as you eat it. Your autumn road trip just got another landmark to cross off the to-do list.

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