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The Best Between Bread-Iowa’s Sandwich Masters: Locale 17, Lake View

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Lake View has the homemade comfort food market “kornered”! (This perfect photo is from Kathy’s Korner Facebook page)

Lake View, IA: Sac County (Our 52nd County!)

The spring road tripping is just getting warmed up for The Iowa Gallivant and we decided to take the long way home from our recent exploration of Northwest Iowa. Team Goodvin couldn’t have been more pleased with ourselves for making that executive decision. The county roads led us to one of the jewels of this region and it’s popular restaurant.

You may call jello dessert where you come from. In Iowa, we call that a salad option. Kathy’s Korner has all the right moves when it comes to making our family grin from ear to ear. Homemade jello with sweet mandarin oranges and a huge dollop of whipped cream. And that’s just the beginning of the NW-IA home cookin’. Leah and the rest of us marveled at Kathy’s fresh homemade bread, famous broasted chicken, and the kindness of the entire crew working the very busy dining room. But there was something else to behold. The classic Iowa meal that found it’s way into our Best Between Bread search….

I’d also like a side of gravy added to my order, please. Thank you.

Ladies, gentleman, and travelers of all ages, please grab a chair and stare at the above image for several minutes. Better yet, get off the chair, grab your keys, and head to Lake View and order Kathy’s Hot Roast Beef Sandwich! Juicy slow roasted beef, with made from scratch mashed potatoes and GRAVY! We all must cherish anyone who takes the time to make homemade mashers and Kathy’s won’t be bending on this anytime soon. This was without a doubt worth the entire trip in itself. You can get this classic Iowa dish in many places and we’re here to tell you that Kathy’s Korner has one of the best of its kind. But don’t think for a moment that the homemade feast stopped here….

I have a very strict rule when it comes to places offering delicious homemade pie. You must always order a slice because it’s going to make someone’s Mom and or Grandma very happy when you do so. Especially when it comes to Raisin Cream pie on the left and fresh Strawberry on the right. And the Raisin Cream was just as magical as the Hot Roast Beef that made its way into the Best Between Bread search. We’ll see in December if Lake View gets the championship!

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