2017 Best Between Bread · Iowa Food · Northwest Iowa

The Best Between Bread-Iowa’s Sandwich Masters: Locale 19, Orange City

How do you make it in to multiple blog posts on The Iowa Gallivant? Having an incredible sandwich is a good start. Welcome back, Orange City! 819 Lincoln Place Southeast

Orange City, IA: Sioux County

We covered a lot of ground during our last visit to Northwest Iowa and it included a lot of places we’ve never visited before. One of our exciting annual projects for our travel blog is our Scouting RAGBRAI Series and Orange City is overnight #1 for 2017’s trek across Iowa. And because of this scouting trip we found another contender for our Best Between Bread search and this time it was a part of the most important meal of the day.

The Hatchery Restaurant & Lounge has plenty of options to get your day started including some of the town’s best baked goods, burritos, huge full platters of traditional breakfast selections, and beautiful pancakes! As you can see they’re big enough to hide behind if you want to play hide and seek at the table. All these are great choices but we need a sandwich to feature. The Hatchery had what we were looking for.

One word for this jaw dropping sandwich. “Ultimate”

Let us introduce to you the Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich! A fresh roll busting with a thick sausage patty, bacon, sliced ham, melted cheese and fried eggs. Rise and shine to this any day you want and it won’t matter what side of the bed you woke up on. You’ll be ready to tackle anything after you tackle this sandwich. Just do stretches first, please. We’ll see if Orange City has a sandwich champion in December…..

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