Speech! Speech! Speech!

JayJay Goodvin is a well-seasoned public speaker and is always looking for the next opportunity to address a crowd of fellow Iowans that share his passion for our home state. JayJay is available for panels, interviews, community events, meetings, seminars, and fun interactive competitions.

Proud host of Iowa Irish Fest for going on three years!
Clear Lake
The inaugural Building Community Conference in Clear Lake. May of 2018


Speaker at Iowa History Day in Villisca, Iowa


Annual Spirit of Keokuk Awards in Keokuk, Iowa. January of 2016.







4 thoughts on “Speech! Speech! Speech!

  1. Wondering how to know who’s winning the Best Between the Bread contest….the suspense is killing me!!! LOL

  2. Thanks for your excellent work in highlighting the many great things in Sac County. Like many parts of rural Iowa, we are working hard to improve the quality of life where we live!

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