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The Best Between Bread-Iowa’s Sandwich Masters: Locale 42, Fort Madison

We asked some locals where to find one of the best sandwiches in Fort Madison and one after the other made sure Team Goodvin didn’t leave town until we experienced Sub-Arena!                  2805 Avenue L

Fort Madison, IA: Lee County

This isn’t our first visit to Fort Madison and it’s far from our last. One of Iowa’s most historic towns is producing some historic memories for The Iowa Gallivant. Our Best Between Bread search is going statewide and today we find ourselves in Southeast Iowa enjoying the sandwiches and sandwich makers at Sub-Arena!

It’s not all subs here! We had another fantastic wrap loaded with turkey and their own dill spread. Another great companion was the Wisconsin cheese soup, and you know we were dunking into that the whole time. Fresh traditional salads are ready to go like potato salad and our family favorite, macaroni salad. And how cool is it that you can pick Sterzing’s caramel or cheese popcorn in the chip options! That won over a couple members of the family right away. Now on to what we came for….

The sandwiches! Their subs have beautiful fresh bread with toasted sesame seeds. We ordered an array of combinations off the menu including their delicious egg salad. But what made the list for possible best sandwich in Iowa? How far can you count up to? You may want to stop after 19.

Can I have a bite, she said. My kids ask the silliest questions.

The #20 is where Charlie and I landed on the menu and came highly recommended. Whole wheat bread with sliced roast beef, turkey, ham, lettuce, tomato, mayo, oil and spices. We added onion and some spicy jalapenos to the sandwich and the rest is what we mentioned earlier. Total history. We’ll see if Fort Madison gets the championship in December. See you again and again, Lee County!

Just try to leave Sub-Arena without one of their desserts. Good luck on that one!

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58 thoughts on “The Best Between Bread-Iowa’s Sandwich Masters: Locale 42, Fort Madison

  1. Sub-Arena has the best sandwiches in the world! Not only sandwiches but everything else too! You’ll never be disappointed!

  2. #21 whole on white, hot! Best sandwich ever! I would have them shipped to me weekly if I could. I have to have at least 1 every time I’m back home visiting, and have people that visit me bring me at least 1( my dad brings 2)

  3. When I come back from Colorado to visit family, the first thing I do is take my great nieces to Subarena. Whole #21 on white extra mayo with a large potato salad and diet Pepsi. Don’t forget the pickle!

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