Want The Iowa Gallivant to visit your community? Let us know! Feel free to contact JayJay Goodvin and tell us why we need to get out to your area and start blogging!

You can write or send info to….
The Iowa Gallivant
3206 Friendship Street, Iowa City, IA 52245


phone: 319-855-8267

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  1. Hey jayjay,
    Was great to see you and your family in Montrose IA last weekend for the Hawkeye game. Another great win for the Hawks! We were sitting at the table next to you, and I cannot believe your daughter put away that awsome fish sandwich lol. I’d had I’d the wknd before and it’s now one of my favs 🙂 Was such a beautiful day that we had to take some pics. Love to be involved in your site. Love Iowa. Had to come back home after the Air Force. Take care, and safe travels.

    Kevin Choate &
    Mandy Hendricks

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