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The Best Between Bread- Iowa’s Sandwich Masters: Locale 20, Sigourney

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The Walk Er Drive Thru in Sigourney is officially open for business for the season! And that smile is very glad that it is. 820 West Jackson Street

Sigourney, IA: Keokuk County (Our 54th County!)

The beautiful spring weather has swept its way through Iowa and like the vast majority of The Hawkeye State, The Iowa Gallivant was absorbing as much sunshine as possible while we maneuvered through the South Central counties. There’s a lot that communities share in common when you’re traveling through rural Iowa and the seasonal ice cream stand is one of them. They are obviously known for delicious sweet treats, but many of them have some great savory delights that drip with classic Iowa nostalgia. Sigourney’s Walk Er Drive Thru represents what’s great about exploring the open road.

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This dairy oasis is well known by the locals and it’s discovered by countless travelers every year.

The setup is another classic design. Either pony up to the counter, stay in your vehicle and order, or approach the incredibly friendly folks working the window near the patio, which is what we did on this particular afternoon. They filled up our cones with their rich ice cream and recommended a few more items. Like this priceless Iowa staple. Or elephant ear. You’ll know what we mean….

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What’s bigger? That sandwich or that grin? Tie goes to the one taking the picture….Next time. Seriously, next time I want a bite of that and the middle part too.

You can get a giant breaded pork tenderloin along with a giant sundae, giant banana split, tub of soft serve, shakes, malts and so on. The tenderloins were still steaming with heat on a warm day so you know they were fresh and just popping with that Iowa taste we all love. However, it was something else that made it to our Best Between Bread search. The young lady at the sliding window suggested this my dear readers…..

Sometimes you think you’re using the word “classic” too much and look for another description. Not today, folks.

Classic Americana during the classic American road trip at a classic Iowa venue. The Chili Dog has its place in all of these. Here’s the thing….There is nothing that annoys me more than someone trying to hide a low quality hot dog under a bunch of topping to fool the consumer. The rest of the ingredients may be good, but if the hot dog is just a cheap filler, than you’ve made JayJay very unhappy. Let’s just say JayJay wasn’t unhappy at all in Sigourney. JayJay had happy thoughts. JayJay dove into the second bite of this massive chili dog that would give him a “10” from the Soviet judge and that’s say something! The hot dog was juicy and tasty and was filling up the bun before the cheese, chili, onions and jalapenos joined in. The seasonal dairy destination has a special place in our hearts and travels. Sure you can always get ice cream whenever you want but you gotta love the anticipation that’s created by these treasures all over Iowa. And the anticipation for who will be our sandwich champion in December!

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