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The Best Between Bread-Iowa’s Sandwich Masters: Locale 18, Crawfordsville

I’ll have a the extremely beautiful sunset with my sandwich, please. It’s all in a name folks…Crawfordville has an official Off The Beatn’ Path BBQ joint. 203 Main Street

Crawfordsville, IA: Washington County

We were fresh off a road trip and normally most people generally take it easy. Team Goodvin says kick your feet up and while you’re doing so, start planning another one. Luckily our next sandwich master was only 25 minutes down the road from The Iowa Gallivant headquarters in Crawfordsville- Off The Beatn’ Path BBQ!

IMG_0137 (1)
Meet Crawfordville’s first family of smoke and lifelong lobbyists of the napkin industry. Robert and Rebecca Kremer!

Off The Beatn’ Path BBQ is a place that is just what we seek in our exciting travel blog. A right into small town Iowa, left on to Main Street and just ask a nice lady walking a dog if you need help finding it. Luckily it was a BBQ destination and we can follow the scent easily. Just what was the product of that smooth slow-cooked mastery?

You may find a common theme in this visit. Let’s just say that home is where the pulled pork is and we were right at home. Monie ordered her pulled pork with buffalo sauce and a healthy dose of jalapenos, with extra helpings of their homemade spicy BBQ sauce on the side. Charlie chowed down on a HUGE pulled pork taco with their home cooked baked beans while Leah smashed a large row of that beautiful pulled pork. Gigi enjoyed the pulled pork sliders, not pictured but happily and quickly devoured. What did Papa Bear manage to find?

This little piggy found the perfect amount of seasoning and smoke and met a very happy smile. True story.

Get your hands around the Barnyard sandwich! Pulled pork, breaded pork fritter, thick sliced ham, grilled onions, melted cheese, and the very important fried egg. Because why not, that’s why! That loud clap of thunder you just heard was from the Iowa Pork Producers. This sandwich needed two hands to manage and that’s not a bad thing at all. The Kremer’s pulled pork isn’t drowning in sauce to the point to where that’s all you taste. They keep it nice and juicy and squeeze it on to order. My favorite way to have it prepared.

This small smokehouse with huge flavor is all the excuse you need for a road trip to Crawfordsville. Off The Beatn’ Path BBQ sits within a neighborhood right across the street from a school with a playground where my daughters played. There’s something about calling your kids over to eat while you’re about to sit down on a few picnic tables just outside an Iowa restaurant that makes you feel like you’ve been going there for years. While this awesome restaurant does not have many tables (all are outside- they serve everything up in to-go containers so you can enjoy your meal outside with a side of a lovely sunset like we did or take it home), they have tons of taste! You can even head there in large groups and bring your own coolers, lawn chairs, tables, and picnic blankets and sprawl across the comfortable lawn. Make yourself at home, here in Crawfordsville and don’t forget to BYOB or soda to this gem of a restaurant. Perhaps we’ll be back in December to crown a Best Between Bread champion…Or just to get some killer pizza too!

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