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Main Street Iowa Never Looked This Suite

The gem inside the Gem of the Prairie.

Paullina, IA: O’Brien County

We have stayed in some amazing places throughout our Iowa journeys and our last trip to Paullina supplied one of the most unique lodging opportunities we’ve experienced. And the great part was how it was right on Main Street in the center of all the great businesses this small Iowa town is proud of. We stayed in suite and we got much more than that…

The long staircase, between Old Market Antiques and JW’s Restaurant, leads to the historic Bock Suite and its remarkable decor. The loft-style suite stretches the entire length of the building and has a beautiful mix of modern renovations with antiques in every corner, room, nook, and cranny.

The Bock suite has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a fully loaded kitchen and everything you need for short stay… or long one. It’s also perfect a gathering place for any occasion. The owners of the Bock Suite, Steve and Marlys Hartong, welcomed us to Paullina and made us feel right at home during our entire weekend in O’Brien County. It also helps that you awaken to the aroma of fresh pecan and cinnamon rolls baking downstairs.

Directly below the Bock Suite is the Hartong’s antique store and their quality merchandise can be seen all over their shop and the suite itself. There was a lot to see during our trip to NW-Iowa but we could have easily stayed in this property for three straight days with all of its comfort and hospitality.

From past yearbooks, to post cards and magazines. The Bock Suite drips with local history.

Not only is the Bock Suite an incredible place to stay and browse for antiques, it also doubles as an unofficial museum for the area. Classic local photos and artwork hang on the walls. High school annuals from past decades can be thumbed through. Magazines with headlines of your youth can be re-discovered. You think this is all the Hartong’s have to offer here? There’s another element to this property and you’ll have to keep your attention on our Best Between Bread series and see what is cooking here!

*Our stay at the Bock Suite was provided by the the owners of the property. However the opinions expressed on this post are of our own.

5 thoughts on “Main Street Iowa Never Looked This Suite

  1. That beautiful suite (and the antique store) belonged to my grandmother, from 1960-1968. She liked just walking down the steps to be in the center of town. When she died, my mom lived there till she died in 1973, then to the Pauling family. My grandmother loved purple, and the walls were painted lavender and the carpeting was purple. It sounds awful, but really was quite elegant. I’m so glad people still enjoy it today.

  2. My grandmother, Ann Johannsen, bought that building where the antique store and suite are today, in 1960, after my grandfather died. She totally redid the interior of the suite, putting in the bedrooms and rest of the structure, painting, purple carpeting, curtains, appliances, furniture. She loved living right downtowen, so she didn’t have to drive. She rented the.downstairs to a grocery store. I’m so glad you enjoyed your stay there, and hospitality of the Hartongs. I love your colorful, enthusiastic description.

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