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Hecho En Iowa-A Search for the Best Hometown Tacos: Locale 6, West Liberty

Located just off of Main Street, West Liberty. El Patio and it’s authenticity is a perfect road trip lure. 214 North Columbus Street.

West Liberty, IA: Muscatine County

You bet your bottle of Cholula we found another great taco detour! My name is JayJay and my family may have a problem and we don’t give a flip what you think! We love tacos and we don’t need to to drive to Guadalajara to ease our jones’n. But we will drive to “some” lengths to dive in to some new Mexican places we haven’t been to before. Like small-town, Iowa. Team Goodvin needed some windshield time, too! So we were West Liberty bound and El Patio didn’t disappoint.

el patio 2
Can’t decide on which taco to order? Try ordering one of each….Or three of each. Just get after it!

I know its your lunch hour and you need to hit up someplace quick! But it’s your day off and the weather is ideal and you need to find new friends anyway. So get on that smartphone thingy and start getting your trip ready for some Mexican food across the border….or over the county line that is. Why not West Liberty, IA! El Patio supplied us with traditional Mexican fare in the middle of Muscatine County, Iowa. The fresh corn tortillas were piping hot, the Lengua, Al Pastor, and Carnitas were all prepared with amazing flavors and topped with crisp onions, fresh chopped cilantro, and avocado. The lunch shift was crawling with customers and the kitchen was doing a great job keeping up with the orders. The dining room was buzzing with local customers and fellow travelers like ourselves. Always a good sign of a quality establishment. Keep the tacos coming, West Liberty!

El Patio
El Patio is for lovers……Lovers of the highest order of Tacos.

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Thanks for reading! -Team Goodvin


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  1. Team Goodvin, you must try the Mexican food at Mexico Lindo restaurant in West Branch Iowa. It is very good, their meat is always so tender and juicy.

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