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Hecho En Iowa-A Search for the Best Hometown Tacos: Locale 16, Ottumwa

Sling a tortilla up in the air in Ottumwa and it will probably land near a taqueria! We landed at Mimi’s Taqueria & Bakery! 233 North Sheridan Avenue.

Ottumwa, IA: Wapello County

One of the hardest choices we had to make when visiting Ottumwa was picking a taqueria to feature in this series. Ottumwa is absolutely loaded with authentic Mexican restaurants and that is all Team Goodvin needs to hear for road trip roll call. We NEED tacos. Ottumwa has thousands of them. Let’s start at Mimi’s!

IMG_2969 (1)
One amazing tri-fecta of some very authentically prepared tacos. Tripas (Beef intestine), Lengua (Beef tounge), and pork al Pastor.

You read that right. Intestine and tongue. Live a little! You might just like it. The tripas were tender and rich in flavor. This cut of beef can be easily rushed and served tough. Mimi’s cooks it with perfection. A rich flavor with a texture unique to itself. Along with the lengua. Beef tongue has one of the most concentrated meaty flavors you can have. Mimi’s prepares it in a way that makes it feel like you’re having a huge bite of slow cooked pot roast. Very juicy and beefy in flavor. Those two tacos were served “supreme” style. Shredded cheese, lettuce, Pico de Gallo, diced onion, and some fresh guacamole! The chicken taco was served traditionally with a generous amount of fresh cilantro and diced onion. All with very warm fresh corn tortillas. After smashing these tacos, we ordered the al Pastor taco. Because that’s what you do a taqueria. You can’t escape without one more taco. Let’s get a closeup of Mimi’s masterpieces! (Click on the pictures for descriptions)

The hardworking duo of Jose and Diego! They suggested these tacos and they made the Mimi’s experience a great one! The locals guided us here and we let the experts do what they do best… keep Team Goodvin running by supplying beautiful tacos. Mimi’s is everything you need in a neighborhood taqueria and it’s right here in Ottumwa. Welcome to the taco tour, Mimi’s!

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Thanks for reading! -Team Goodvin


28 thoughts on “Hecho En Iowa-A Search for the Best Hometown Tacos: Locale 16, Ottumwa

  1. Potential Taco Overload: Mimi’s is good, as are the other authentic taco places in Ottumwa. Glad you mentioned there are many here.

    BUT if you want to eat way too much Mexican food amongst diverse people (Mexican, Central American, African, Bosnian, American…) hit the soccer field on a Sunday (Hwy 34 junction of Hwy 63). That’s when the vendor trucks, all family owned, pull up. THOSE are some of the best tacos I’ve ever had. There’s always two different trucks, and up to four, each a five minute walk from the one before.

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