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Cathedrals & Dreams

Dubuque County, IA

Architecture enthusiasts and history buffs can appreciate the inspiring works of cathedrals no matter what their religious beliefs may be. Baseball fans have found their own places of worship whether it’s the local sandlot or MLB stadium and everything in between. Dubuque County has become one of the best reasons to get out and road trip for decades and Team Goodvin joined the masses of visitors that have discovered this historic area. Lucky for us, we love history, America’s past time, inspiring architecture, and NE Iowa has fields of it! (Click on the pictures to see the captions.)

Three common sightings in nearly every Midwestern landscape can be seen from miles away…..unique water towers, grain elevators, and steeples from their local churches. The skyline of Dubuque County is peppered with all of these and Dyersville’s Basilica of Saint Francis Xavier towers above the town.

Through the countless anchorage of farmland is New Melleray Abbey. Trappist monks call New Melleray their home and sanctuary. The grounds are beautifully kept with the quiet sounds of the abbey surrounding you. The church is made of stone walls and wood ceilings. The chapel stretches for yards with acoustics making your very breath echo.


Other towns such as Holy Cross, Farley, Luxemburg, and New Vienna attract travelers to their small towns with their ominous churches. Each town has a unique story about the European settlers that founded these communities. The main streets are lined with historic homes and retailers that draw you in all afternoon.

“People will come to Iowa for reasons they can’t possibly fathom.” -James Earl Jones as Terence Mann in Field of Dreams.

One of my favorite lines in movie history. Our first family trip to Dyersville and another place of worship. Field of Dreams has lured movie buffs, baseball lovers, and historians for nearly 30 years. One of the greatest baseball movies ever made was based right here in Iowa and its iconic field has remained identical to the film ever since.

Our sun-drenched day was filled with imagination and inspiration as we toured through Dubuque County. The Field of Dreams provided an experience that we as a family have always wanted to do together. Play a quick game on the same ground where Shoeless Joe Jackson’s ghost came alive. The churches were as mesmerizing as we thought they’d be. Spring in Dubuque County is blooming and the area is alive with travelers and tourists. Join them!


Thanks for reading! -Team Goodvin

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