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Hecho En Iowa-A Search for the Best Hometown Tacos: Locale 2, Tipton

Iowa’s trail of tacos goes through Tipton with a stop at Mi Tierra!

Tipton, IA: Cedar County (Our 25th County!)

The second taco stop with like ba-gillion more to go. Luckily, Iowa is pumping out the quality Mexican experience at its highest frequency ever. We travel to the Cedar County seat and check out the local Tipton taco authority. You need a road trip and this is just the reason that you are looking for. Don’t argue just get going to Tipton…..

Tacos al Cabron! Marinated steak served on fresh corn tortillas with Mi Tierra’s own hot sauce and pico de gallo. How’s that stomach rumbly doing right now?

Traveling through the county roads of Iowa, you always see some of the iconic sights and landmarks of rural Midwestern Americana. Rolling hills of farmland, countless wind turbines, local produce stands, and……plenty of Mexican restaurants. No matter what the size of the community, we all know there’s a market for culinary masterpieces our friends from down south specialize in. Tipton has its section of customers covered.

Jesus has the welcoming energy for everyone that enter Mi Tierra.

There was a statewide wind advisory on this day and it put us right in the mood for a taco run. So does light fog, thunder snow, bigfoot sightings, Ken Burns documentaries, deodorant commercials….

We locate the Pork al Pastor taco on the menu just fine.

Not only does Mi Tierra cook up some great food, the atmosphere of their restaurant is unique and is literally a piece of original art.

Every chair, booth, tabletop, and wall is decorated with some of the best artwork you can find in the area.

There’s a lot more of Iowa to cover and with that comes a lot of tacos. You’ve been warned. Get the meat marinated, the guacamole rolled out, and the salsa flowing. Team Goodvin may just be gallivanting through your doors at any time. Thank you, Mi Tierra!

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Thanks for reading! -Team Goodvin


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