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Hecho En Iowa-A Search for the Best Hometown Tacos: Locale 8, Lamoni

Welcome to Iowa and welcome to La Cocina Real! Lamoni’s taco treatment is awaiting any traveler….140 North Linden Street, Lamoni.

Lamoni, IA: Decatur County

Iowa’s “border towns” see visitors, travelers, and tourists by the truckload everyday of the year. Lamoni is positioned right smack-dab in south-central Iowa and welcomes traffic coming in from Missouri every moment of the day. What more travelers need to know is that a short drive into Lamoni is a family owned establishment that serves up Decatur County’s Mexican fare and welcomes you like the friend they’ve always enjoyed cooking for. Let’s take in La Cocina Real!

The trifecta! Spicy chorizo, ground beef, and slow cooked chicken. All rolled into fresh flour tortillas. Three more reason to love Lamoni.

We were touring through Decatur County when we stumbled upon La Cocina Real. Lamoni’s Welcome Center and Amish Country Store, Graceland University’s campus, and historic pioneer exhibits were at the top of our to do list. Then we saw the red building from a far and realized our duty to the taco was calling.

Like a square looking chili pepper, La Cocina Real popped from the rest of the main street buildings.

The tacos were great, but what made our day was La Cocina Real’s hot salsa. The owner saw me reaching for the bottle of hot sauce and said…”You like spicy…I have something for you.” A few moments later, Monie and JayJay were devouring somoe of the best salsa we’ve had on this tour. Truly one of the best slow burns I’ve ever experienced anywhere.

The distinguished family of La Cocina Real. They welcomed us in to their restaurant during their daughter’s birthday celebration. The baby is smiling because he just met his first blogger. A very special moment.

We’ve got miles and miles to cover before we crown a taco champion in December. Lamoni has made it to The Iowa Gallivant’s list and we hope you discover La Cocina Real very soon. The whole family has your meal waiting for you.

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Thanks for reading! -Team Goodvin


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