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Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip: Casing Sully

Get off the beaten path and find some of Iowa’s best locals and the crazy delicious food they’re producing every day. Like Sully Locker & Market! 11892 HWY F62 East

Sully, IA: Jasper County

Juicy, tender, succulent, beefy, gourmet….. all words that I use very often on Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip and all these words come to mind when I think of Sully, Iowa. That’s due to the family owned institution simply known as Sully Locker & Market! Here’s what made it to the table of Team Goodvin!

100% beef and 100% Sully Locker magic in every  hot diggity-dog bite!

The key to a good hot dog is obviously flavor, juiciness, and quality ingredients. The key to a great hot dog is all of those plus a thin casing that holds up to hot temperatures and makes the dog snap like a fresh carrot stick with every bite. Sully’s all beef wieners have all of those qualities. We piled’em high with grilled white onions and had happy tears all meal long.

Heavy on the mustard because that’s how I was raised!

Let’s go skinless! Sully’s honey mustard brats sear up beautifully while holding their shape. That’s what I like to see when it comes to skinless sausage links. They have the sweet bite of honey mustard and we went the extra mustard mile with more of the whole grain variety all over these bad boys.

The smokehouse is in full throttle at Sully Locker!

Yes, we’re on the search for Iowa’s best sausage, but we’re not passing up local bacon. Do I sound like I pass up bacon? My wife took out her trusty jalapeno popper recipe and the rest was in spicy and smoky cream cheese history.


You saw the wurst of Sully now let’s beef this blog post up even more. The classic minute steak from Sully Locker will keep your hunger at bay for hours after you get after this tender cut. Our country fried steak recipe got the call and it worked beautifully with their minute steak. The gravy was flowing all meal long!

Another steak night in the books and looks at that perfection!

There’s plenty of different cuts of steak and we all have our preference. On this night, we went with Flatiron steak and I am a believer thanks to the meat cutters in Sully. We pan seared it to preserve all the beefy juices rendered and watched our knives glide across this mouthwatering cut with little effort because this cut was tender! That’s how you satisfy a family of five, Sully. Let’s see if you get our Wurst Award in December!


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