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Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip: Casing Clarksville

We’ll travel to the edges of the world for amazing bratwurst. Let’s star with Clarksville before we do that. 105 South Main Street

Clarksville, IA: Butler County (Our 73rd County!)

How are we eventually getting to all 99 of Iowa’s counties? The open sign flashing in local meat lockers is a great incentive and it got us to Butler County and the great town of Clarksville. Orly’s Meat Market & Locker had just what we needed to keep this sausage project rolling along.

We showed up bright and early on a Saturday morning and the crew was busy loading the fresh case with roasts and steaks. We got the full tour of Orly’s facilities including the massive cooler holding their locally raised meat ready to be processed into some of their famous and delicious products. Let’s see what made it home to Team Goodvin’s kitchen! And into the belly. I call it Roger. Roger likes Orly’s.

Move over Mushroom and Swiss Burger and welcome in Mushroom and Swiss Bratwurst from Orly’s! The brats already have a very rich mushroom flavor and they ooze with creamy Swiss cheese after you’ve cooked them up. We doubled the efforts and topped’em with sauteed Baby Bellas and more melted Swiss. Go hard on these. That’s what I always say. The next item please!

Yes, that’s pineapple. Yes, those are pork rinds. Yes, this is a great combo!

The folks at Orly’s said one of their finest was the Hawaiian. Stuffed with pineapple, it has a perfect sweet and savory flavor that we, at The Iowa Gallivant, and the Clarksville locals have come to love from Orly’s. We topped ours with a homemade pineapple-bell pepper salsa with plenty of fresh cilantro. This meal was the wurst of the day and we’ll see if Orly’s can bring home our Wurst Award in December!

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