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Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip: Casing Keota

When the brats start calling The Iowa Gallivant comes running! 516 East Lafayette Avenue

Keota, IA: Keokuk County

By now you’ve noticed that we have found quite a few “links” to our recent travels on Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip. Our headquarters are in Iowa City and we have come to realize how many amazing local meat lockers are in Iowa and within and hour from our home. Keota Meat Processing fits into that amazing category and you’d love what we took home from here. We sure did!

The greatest part of this road trip is the people we’re meeting with every stop. They’re proud of their products and from what we’ve experienced, they have every right to be. They have cases full of sausages from links, patties and tubular packages of ground. Shelves of burgers, bologna, hot dogs and a whole lot more. And the variety! Keota has some of the best flavor combos we’ve seen and tasted from our travels. Let’s see what Team Goodvin smashed for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Bacon Cheddar Bratwurst from Keota, Iowa!
You know what they say. Bratwurst is the most important meal of the day.

We find it very hard to resist bacon in any form, especially when it’s paired up with cheddar cheese and stuffed into a juicy brat. We seared these up and served them with scrambled eggs and biscuits topped with a spicy chorizo sausage gravy. That’s next level breakfast right there.

Chili Dog Grilled Cheese Sandwich from Keota, Iowa!
Chili day is the best day.

Let’s see here….We were hungry for chili, hot dogs and grilled cheese. No problem! Keota Meat Processing had some regulars picking up meat, when we were there, and one of them said they had the best hot dogs around. Always take the advice from of the locals when you’re gallivanting. Always! And I’m telling you that these hot dogs are the truth! We cut them in half lengthwise, grilled’em and buddy’ed them up with a classic grilled cheese with jalapenos and onion. Next was a big’ole bowl of chili so that tasty sandwich can take a dip before every bite.

Bratwurst Pizza Patties from Keota, Iowa
Pizza night just got a lot more interesting!

When gallivanting, always take the advice of the professionals. Always! And this Keota locker was not letting us get out of town without their infamous Bratwurst Pizza Patties! Perfectly seasoned to give you that Italian pizza flavor while keeping all that juicy bratwurst magic we all love. My favorite pizza combo is what landed in between the buns above. I have the sausage checked off thanks to Keota’s patties. Next up is fresh spinach, sliced black olives, red onion, melted mozzarella, spicy pepperoni and crisp banana peppers. Giddy-up! Keota filled our bellies with ease and we’ll see if there’s a return trip in order for December when we announce The Iowa Gallivant’s Wurst Award!

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  1. We love their ground sausage I use to make my own pizza and we think it is awesome! Everything we have tried there we like!

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