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Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip: Casing West Bend

Do you see where this is going? If you hate sausage and puns, then you’ll be horrified with this project.

West Bend, IA: Kossuth County

There’s a county line meat locker in Northwest Iowa and it’s coming up on 40 years of incredible service, meat, and something we made a special stop for. It’s ground up, seasoned, pushed through a tube and absolutely magical. Team Goodvin is on the wurst road trip of our lives and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Here’s the meat of West Bend and maybe some potatoes later….

Skoglund Meats is just a few blocks from West Bend’s Grotto of the Redemption aka, the world’s largest grotto! Naturally one of Iowa’s most well known tourist destinations… but it’s not all this town has. Skoglund’s caught our attention, too, and it has some of the best variety you’re going to find anywhere. From beef sticks, jerky, fresh cuts of meat, cheeses, local Iowa products, and all that delicious sausage- from traditional to their own twists. Or should we say, links. And what did we do with our purchase? I thought you’d never ask!

First-off it was their Bacon Cheddar Skinless Brats that made it into our home’s frying pan. Juicy, supremely rich, smoky and loaded with cheese that couldn’t wait to ooze onto our plate. But, before it did, we served it open-faced on a fresh hoagie roll with runny fried eggs and crisp pickle chips.

Breakfast can’t come soon enough when you have Skoglund’s sausages calling from the fridge!

Next up was Skoglund’s number one seller…Their plump Doberstein sausage! We prepared this “skillet-style” with scramby eggs, a lot of freshly sauteed veggies, creamy country sausage gravy and topped with that masterpiece from West Bend. The sausage was slow-cooked in our pan and the casing around it stayed intact the entire time. It snapped like a fresh carrot when you bit into it and we could see why the locals make it their number one seller. This wasn’t our last idea we had for what we brought home…

Oh look! Santa got my letter!

That’s right, travelers. There is still time to make a call into Skoglund’s and get those stockings stuffed! Or get an epic New Year’s party prepared with an amazing round of meat from some local Iowa meat cutters. Click onto Skoglund’s website and get a taste of Iowa that you’re craving. And you’ll want to be paying attention in December of 2018. We’ll be announcing The Iowa Gallivant’s Wurst Champion! Stay tuned…….

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