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Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip: Casing LeClaire

LeClaire, Iowa
Gourmet sausages on the Great River Road. I could end this post right here and call it a success. I think I’ll go further into this trip from LeClaire though. 1001 Canal Shore Drive Southwest

LeClaire, IA: Scott County

The Quad Cities area has a lot to see and it’s not all in the four towns that dominate the river. Just a short drive upstream from Bettendorf is the birthplace of Buffalo Bill Cody and one of the most beautiful town’s on the Mississippi. It’s also home to an establishment that makes a mean sausage. Get those bellies ready for some of the best German food in Iowa at Bierstube!


Beer me, Bierstube! If you’re going to be the local authority in premium German good times, you better have a tasty variety of beers and Bierstube has that more than covered!


DO NOT and I repeat….DO NOT pass on the giant soft pretzels at Bierstube. They serve it with a rich beer cheese sauce and we highly recommend giving it a round or two in their wholegrain mustard as well. It’s a life changer. Their menu ranges to your all American favorites like juicy burgers and big fat wraps!


Everything up-top is delicious, but it takes more than just deliciousness to get you on Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip. What does are the house-made masterpieces you see now. Bierstube has a large list of sausages to choose from and we had the pleasure of ordering their Swedish potato, weisswurst, Polish sausage, cheddarwurst, and Bavarian bratwurst. They were juicy, served nice and hot and with delicious sides like German style coleslaw and potato salad, seasoned spatzle, soft bread, and the ever important helping of sauerkraut. Bierstube broke into this wurst project with a championship on its mind and we’ll see if they nail it down in December when we announce our winner!

Did you think I was kidding when I said Bierstube was right on the river!

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