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Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip: Casing Malcom

Just off interstate 80 is another great locker with….pie? You just watch!

Malcom, IA: Poweshiek County

We’re all hitting up I-80 at some point during the year and we’re all going to get those road trip munchies and we all know there’s plenty of options along the way. Let’s not lose sight of Iowa’s most valued institutions. The locally treasured and family owned lockers that provide some of the most quality meats made and processed right at their facilities. Dayton Meat Products is just that type of place and they have what you need for your grills, stove tops, ovens, smokers, parties, and that road trip you’re taking. Here we go!


I like the convenience store as much as the next guy, but like I said earlier, Dayton’s is just off the exit and you could find a whole world of snacks ready for the whole carload. A great variety of meat sticks, jerky, cheese curds and more. Need a souvenir for the trip? Grab a spice mix, rub blend, a jar of your favorite condiment, something pickled, preserved, jellied and jammed! Let’s get to what we cooked at home…

Take the night off, ham. Thick cut Cajun style bacon is diving into our Au Gratin Potatoes tonight! And thick cut is the biggest understatement in The Iowa’s Gallivant’s history. This could be called bacon steak if Dayton’s wanted to reclassify it. The best part is that it stays thick and juicy the whole time cooking.

One of Dayton’s most unique and loved creations is their Sweet Bologna. This is not something you will find at every locker and you have got to try it. Simplicity at it’s best, everyone. Enjoy this on your favorite cracker with a little raw horseradish and that’s it. The flavor combo on this is one of a kind and the town of Malcom is home to it.

Fajita night just went up a level thanks to Dayton’s!

Taco Tuesday is very well know, but don’t forget about Fajita Friday! And when it comes to fajitas, we all know that steak, chicken and the occasional shrimp land in our tortillas and it’s a wonderful thing. What’s really amazing for your fajitas is Dayton’s Skinless Polish Sausage with Cheese piled high over all those traditional fajita fixin’s!

The Easter Bunny takes letters too, ya-know! And he got mine! Skip the peeps, chocolate and jelly beans and welcome in some Smoky Maple Links from Dayton’s! This was the perfect motor to make another batch of pancakes with a bite of this perfectly seasoned and smoked sausage with every syrupy mouthful. Is it too early for pie?

This makes perfect sense, people. Traditional pie crust is made with real lard and lockers have a lot of that hanging around. So why not make your own pies! If the rest of the items above don’t get you to take the Malcom exit, then this should. Blueberry, mixed berry, cherry, blackberry, rhubarb, plus more and they are all made with one of the greatest crust’s known to man. Sausage, bacon, bologna and pie. Is this heaven? No…It’s Malcom! We’ll see if the Dayton crew wins our Wurst Award in December….

….And this band of meat cutters, smoke lords and sausage makers are no strangers to awards.

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30 thoughts on “Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip: Casing Malcom

  1. Not sure why article is titled WURST road trip when hitting locker on a road trip to Malcom Locker should be entitled IOWA’S BEST ROAD TRIP: CASING MALCOM LOCKER. Title leaves a lot to be desired. First I wasn’t going to read because of title, glad I did. Love Malcom locker stuff!

  2. I don’t need to check out the others. I’m just a few miles from Dayton”s. The claims made are genuine. Christmas or Easter without a Dayton ham to celebrate Christ’s Life is unacceptable. Range links are my favorite.

  3. This is where I get the stuff for my 30 year old son’s “Easter Basket”. The bacon ends and pieces are the best! Render them down, save the grease and you have bacon pieces to add to dishes for a month!

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