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Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip: Casing Washington

Washington, Iowa
Pat, I’d like to solve the puzzle….Our fortunes went just as planned on this Gallivant through Washington! 626 Iowa HWY-1

Washington, IA: Washington County

One of the area’s most well known spots for everything that is beautiful about bologna is in the great town we’ve visited before and has given us many reasons to come Gallivanting back year after year. This time in Washington, we’re featuring the staple known as Boyd’s Bologna! Here’s what made it to our bellies….

Washington, Iowa
Grilling season is here and that means we took the cover off an old friend in the backyard just for good ol’ Boyd’s.

Introducing Boyd’s Smoked Beef Bratwurst and there’s a good chance these may not make it to the table. The journey from the backyard to the dining room can be long so there’s no shame in having a snack along the way. This is why I wear one of those helmets with straws that has two jars of mustard on each side.

Some may hold up pics of fish they caught, I hold up prized local bologna. This can also be seen on our Christmas tree and around our favorite turtlenecks. However, on this day we went traditional, because I’m not above the classic way to eat this. Sliced and served cold with plenty of mayo, mustard, lettuce, pickle tomato and onion. Yummmm-ers! All wrapped up in a wholewheat flatbread and I never looked back. It’s the simplicity of food the can be the best and we’ll see if Boyd’s brings home our Wurst Award in December!

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