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Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip: Casing Tipton

The local lockers of Iowa keep luring us on more road trips and it’s not hard to do when you have amazing brats like Tipton has! 108 Cedar Street

Tipton, IA: Cedar County

Cured meats are keeping us moving and you can see why if you’re gallivanting through Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip as well. On this day, we landed at Tipton Locker and they had their cases jam-packed with some of the best sausage you’re going to get anywhere! Wait until you see this welcoming party…

How many tons of beef did you saw through today? I wouldn’t challenge any of these guys to an arm wrestling match.

The owner was very proud of their products here at Tipton Locker and once you observe the hard work that goes in to it you can see why they have such great selections here. Also some awards to back it up! They have the goods on cured meats here with some irresistible flavors and we didn’t shy away. Here’s what we chef’d up at home!

The Brat-Breakfast…..Let’s make this happen!

Homemade waffles with buttery fried apples, tons of maple syrup, and Tipton Locker’s beautiful Apple Bratwurst helping this stack become the greatest waffle experience our home has ever seen.

They have taco flavored brats so we made…TACOS! What were you expecting?

The Taco Bratwurst might be the two greatest words ever put together. We rolled ours up in a fluffy flour tortilla and let it play with fried eggs, shredded Colby-Jack cheese, chorizo sausage, potatoes and fresh salsa. The familiar snap from the Taco Brat was in every bite!

The backyard grill got a workout thanks to Tipton Locker. They said they had some of the best hot dogs around and we couldn’t turn that recommendation down. We picked the chili-cheese dogs and tackled it with our homemade chili and added some Chili-Cheese Fritos for a great crunch! We’ll go ahead and call this the Frito Pie Chili Dog!

Pizza night went gourmet at our house. This big’ole pie was inspired by a restaurant in Downtown Davenport that we recently visited and we gave it our own little twist. A creamy garlic-herb sauce over the crust an topped with sliced tomato, bell pepper, red onion, marinated chicken and Tipton Locker’s Cajun Sausage! These were all very tasty and made for some delicious meals. We’ll see if Tipton brings home our Wurst Award in December!

Pretty sure they could make room for another award on their wall here at Tipton Locker!

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