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Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip: Casing Newhall

One of the most well-known sausage makers in the state of Iowa calls Newhall his home. His cured meats are heard of statewide, nationally, and in Europe. Here. We. Go. 19 Main Street

Newhall, IA: Benton County

Owner, Dave Sutton, greeted us as we strolled in to the famous meat locker that is producing award winners every year. Not only is Dave the only certified Master Meat Crafter in Iowa, he’s also a living breathing inductee in the National Cured Meat Hall of Fame. I think we may have a spot that has great sausage. Just down the road from Cedar Rapids is Newhall Locker and all it’s sausage making swagger!

Let’s see here….How should we decorate the walls? How about with all the awards! Dave and his crew at Newhall Locker walk into work everyday seeing enough awards to choke a cow. And they may even one for that. And not just from competitions here in the heartland. Dave’s craft takes on colleagues clear over in Germany and brings the championships back to Benton County. We knew we had no problem picking out quality meats to take home. Here’s what Team Goodvin feasted on from Newhall Locker!

Newhall, Iowa
Take the night off Gyro meat. Newhall Locker has this dinner covered!

Chicken Feta-Spinach Bratwurst….Welcome to our dinner table! A light flavored sausage with a perfect Grecian twist. We gave it a temporary home inside warm and fluffy pita bread and surrounded it with creamy Tzatziki sauce, kalamata olives, fresh cucumber, tomato, red onion, lettuce and more crumbled Feta. Opa!

That’s one full carving board!

The charcoal grill is getting quite the workout these days in our backyard and the Newhall Locker has been well represented on its hot grate. What landed on our carving board was their smoked bratwurst (bottom) and raspberry-chipotle brats (top). That’s a bevy of flavors right there.

Burger time coming to from Newhall, Iowa!

Sausage isn’t the only specialty here. We grilled up their famous chili-bacon burgers and smothered them in our homemade BBQ sauce and Blue cheese crumbles. Napkins are optional. It’s about managing your technique. Remember I told you that. And don’t forget that Dave Sutton and the whole Newhall Locker crew is up for our Wurst Award in December, so stay tuned!

I make friends everywhere I go…..Sweet dreams my thick cut smoky buddies. I won’t forget you at breakfast time.

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