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Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip: Casing Coralville

The locals call this area the Coralville Strip. You could say it’s major “link” to Iowa City. 53 2nd Street

Coralville, IA: Johnson County

I was raised to respect my meal, no matter what it is, and do my best to finish it. Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip is making this credo extremely easy. If you’ve been following this meaty adventure, you’ll notice we have a focus on our amazing local meat lockers and for good reason. On this day, we breeze into a restaurant and brewery that crafts its own beer and sausages. Let’s experience Guild Wurst Tavern & Boot’n Flute Brewery!

This is without a doubt the wurst part of Coralville and you’ll love every part of it. The rustic decor makes you feel like Guild has been in Coralville for decades or suddenly dropped in from Central Europe. I like that story, and I want to go with that. So the owners got a bunch of rope and those balloons like the old guy in the movie, Up, had…

Let’s get started with starters! First up was was Spanish Potatoes with a poblano pepper-tomato sauce and creamy garlic aioli. You get little “whoo-wee” from the kick these have and the aioli smooths it all out. Those crunchy little croutons, on the right, are garnishing some velvety white bean and chicken soup. Then came this….

Meet Guild’s Spanish Chorizo sausage, piled high with spicy grilled peppers and onions and paired with a side of pepper-tomato sauce! There was a theme to today’s visit. You could hear the sausages snapping with every bite and ALL the hot food was served hot on this wintery-windy day. And you can see that my years of being raised in Iowa taught me to take Guild’s house-made potato chips and give them a healthy dunking into the cottage cheese. We’re stopping here….

Hey, look who’s eating their vegetables!

This platter of deliciousness is the Guild Supper! A 1/3 lbs Guildwurst with German potatoes, grilled onions, sweet peppers, squash, baked beans, a beautiful egg yolk, honey biscuit and the best part, a side of rich bone sauce that goes well over EVERYTHING! That is happiness in all its majesty on one plate. We’ll see if Coralville brings home our Wurst award in December. See you again, Guild!

Cheers to the Wurst of Iowa! “Boot’n Flute riot….RIOT! Throw back a bottle of beer. Boot’n Flute riot…Riot! Pull a comb through your coal black hair…” That was ripped off from the song Zoot Suit Riot. I think it works here.

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