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Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip: Casing Ventura

There’s another town on Clear Lake not called Clear Lake! Ventura is getting meaty! 111 Nelson Street

Ventura, IA: Cerro Gordo County

Cruising up and down the lake can cause quite the appetite and there’s plenty of amazing places to eat at in the Clear Lake area, but let’s not forget about the classic lakefront BBQ party. Or the classic backyard BBQ by the lake. Or the classic BBQ at a place somewhat close to the lake. Or…..I’m going to stop this and start with the gallivant of Ventura Locker!

It’s going to be a long summer. Better make it a double.

Ventura Locker has the local goods when it comes juicy ground pork patties and it’s hard to eat just one. So I suggest eating two at a time! We had the charcoal just for the job and doubled these patties up with garlic glazed mushrooms, fresh coleslaw, melted cheese with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and red onion. You paying attention yet?

Sausage and cheese. The milk and cookies of the grown up world.

The bratwurst is the motor that makes the grilling season shine all summer long. We took Ventura Locker’s beautifully crafted brats and gave them the outdoors treatment by grilling on the ole patio. Next was our homemade spicy queso sauce and I think you can guess the ending to this story. I’ll tell you anyway. They were demolished in the most respectful way I could.

Guess what we did on National Biscuit Day!

Let’s not forget breakfast time on/near/close-to the lake! Ground breakfast sausage at it’s finest and most useful. Over hot and fluffy biscuits with a side of  loud hallelujah outbursts.

The team at Ventura Locker could be bringing home our Wurst Award in December. Better get there yourself and see what they have ready for everyone to enjoy and let this North Iowa locker fill up your fridge, freezer, stove top, oven, grill, smoker……

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