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A Dozen of Our Greatest Road Trip Cheeseburgers in Iowa History

A cheeseburger trip down trip down memory lane! One of the beefiest and juciest blog posts ever sponsored by Linder Tire Service.

What a year in traveling for Team Goodvin! We have a lot of great meals with some of the most unique flavors, ingredients, locally raised meat with beautifully mastered cooking skills to get them on our plates. Many times they land right between a bun with a juicy patty, or two…or three, and it’s simply known as the cheeseburger. And that’s all we need to hear when it comes to inspiring some of our greatest road trips! Here’s a dozen of our favorites…In no particular order.

1. Pullman Diner-Iowa City

Let’s start this cheeseburger choo-choo train in one of the best party towns anywhere! Pullman Diner’s Mo Burger is two 4oz beef patties, smoked Fresno aioli, cheddar cheese, avocado and…..BACON JAM! This will be one of the greatest burgers you’ll get in Hawkeye country.

2. Cafe Beaudelaire-Ames

Let’s take the cheeseburger trip to one of the best party towns any where! (See what I did there.) Cafe Beaudelaire has no problem telling folks that they have one of the best burgers in the state. Even before they won Iowa Beef’s Best Burger in Iowa-2018! The Beaudelaire Baru has the Brazilian twist- mayo, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, corn, peas, fried egg, and melted mozzarella!

3. Boogaloo Bar & Grill-Burlington

Catfish Bend Casino and Pzazz Fun City in Burlington offers a huge amount of entertainment for all ages and great food from the Boogaloo. Mushroom lovers, this one’s for you! The Portabella Burger has a giant sauteed mushroom cap with Swiss cheese on a fresh Brioche bun. That’s how you win big in Burlington!

4. Wapsi Willys-Long Grove

The Wapsi Swamp Monster can only be conquered by eating it! This Wapsi Willy’s favorite is piled high with their double burger, fried crawfish tails, breaded catfish, bacon, pepperjack cheese and their signature Wapsi sauce. Don’t sleep on this restaurant when visiting the Quad Cities area.

5. Langer’s Bar & Grill-Sheldon

Let’s get this egg running! The 49er Burger at Langer’s gets the popular egg treatment with hashbrowns, American cheese, crispy bacon and those very important dill pickle slices. Northwest Iowa’s burger game is on point!

6. Bottoms Up Bar & Grill-Rowley

Buchanan County has a little town with a whole ‘lotta meat. The Bottoms Up Burger has two very thick beef patties, crispy bacon, breaded jalapeno strips, melted American cheese, creamy 1000 Island dressing and all those fresh tomatoes, lettuce and onions. Lockjaw can be good thing sometimes.

7. Lebowski’s Bar & Grill-Robins

The Cedar Rapids area has some of the best concentration of great restaurants in Iowa and the suburb of Robins has a burger the Dude would abide by. The Big Lebowski has two 1/2 pound beef patties, four cheeses, four thick cut bacon strips, lettuce, pickle, onion, shaved roast beef, BBQ sauce, fried onion strips and then topped with a huge onion ring. That’s how you want tow visit the CR area!

8. Weasy’s Lounge & Grille-Spencer

Peanut butter meets bacon, meets beef, meets sausage, meets Pepper Jack and a big smiling and hungry mouth. This is one of the most legendary burger in Spencer and the Okoboji corridor and you should experience it at least once to many times over. The Weaser Pleaser is what its called and Clay County wouldn’t be the same without it.

9. 2 MIT Burgers-Elkader

Get this local legend before the end of the season because they pack it up for the winter! In a small lot on the main drag in Elkader is a small burger shack that grills up some of the greatest burgers in Northeast Iowa. Their juicy all beef patties are between buns baked fresh from the bakery across the street, freshly grilled onions, smothered in their homemade mustard sauce and served incredibly hot!

10. Teluwut Grille House & Pub-Cresco

Big Mouth Vinnie may sound like a character on the Soprano’s, but it’s actually a giant burger in Cresco. Two 1/3 lbs beef patties, melted American and Swiss cheeses, four strips of bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, six onion rings, Ranch dressing, and BBQ sauce. Wow, that’s a lot of toppers!

11. Billie Jo’s Bar & Grill-Algona

It’s always Independence Day in Algona thanks to Billie Jo’s. The 4th of July Cheeseburger with a grilled hot dog, BBQ baked beans and potato chips! All that is missing is a romantic lit table from a couple Roman candles.

12. Prairie Canary-Grinnell

Please say hello to the Dirty Canary! Handmade Angus beef patty topped with cheddar cheese, BBQ pulled pork, bacon, fried egg and spicy fried onions. That should take care of all the farm animals.

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