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Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip: Casing Main Street Cedar Falls

We’re getting to the meat of Cedar Falls and its tastiest section is downtown! 109 Main Street

Main Street-Cedar Falls, IA: Black Hawk County

Let’s talk Cedar Falls legends for a moment. Who or what comes to mind? Kurt Warner’s QB rise from the UNI Dome to eventual NFL Hall of Famer is a good start. How about the legions of teachers that have graduated from Northern Iowa and became local legends all over the country? Scores of authors, artists, writers, musicians and singers have called Cedar Falls home throughout its rich history with more being produced year after year. We had the pleasure of discovering another legend here and we can honestly say that it didn’t take long to give it a proper sendoff once we got home to our headquarters in Iowa City. Get your carnivorous compass set and make your heading for Steege’s Meat Market on historic Main Street!

Steege’s has a beautiful showroom with coolers and freezers displaying some of their finest products. From fresh roasts, ribs, meat sticks, jerky, smoked goodies, and the very item we came for. When the locals hear that the infamous Steege’s Breakfast Bratwurst has hit the fridge they know to come running. And so did Team Goodvin!

We wanted to make epic breakfast sandwiches when we got home, so we knew this was the perfect place to get this project started. We naturally grabbed a pack of their Breakfast Brats but we weren’t leaving without their incredible cottage bacon. Shoulder cut pork with beautiful marbling and perfect for smoking. This cut gives you a bacon flavor with tender ham texture.

What’s inside their Breakfast Brats? Look for yourself! Peppers, onion, eggs, hash browns and cheddar cheeeeeeese. That’s a meal just by itself but we’re not stopping there. Monte Cristo here we come! Thick cut French toast, homemade fried apples, melted Swiss cheese and Steege’s cottage bacon and brats. Plus a big cup’o syrup for dippin’. We’re giving out our Wurst Award in December and Cedar Falls just made it in the running for another one of our tasty projects!

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