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Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip: Casing Clear Lake

The lake is still calling and so is Louie’s! 850 US-18

Clear Lake, IA: Cerro Gordo County

So Labor Day weekend is the last great time period of the summer to get out on the lake, right? Wrong! In fact there’s never a bad time to head to the lake and the precious days leading up to Autumn can provide a great and memorable trip. You’ll want to fire up that grill while you’re at it, too, and Clear Lake has just the place to supply some of the best meats to crowd that grill. Louie’s Custom Meats had the brats we were looking for and they were unique to Clear Lake. Just like so much of this town. Let’s cook!

The Asian spice came in nice with these brats!

You know what I like to do with teriyaki pineapple brats? Pan sear’em up and add more teriyaki and pineapple! Louie’s said this bratwurst was one of their favorites and I can’t turn down a recommendation like that. They had the sweet and salty flavor you’d expect while keeping the familiar brat flavor. We glazed them with a sesame teriyaki sauce and sauteed pineapple and gobbled them up with noodles and stir-fried veggies. That’s right! Noodles with bratwurst and you can too!

Breakfast served anytime at my house!

You like to be on lake time? How about having a drink with Lake Time? How about a sausage with Lake Time? The local Clear Lake beer makers call themselves Lake Time Brewery and they have their craft in Louie’s brats. Rusty Rudder Brown Ale Bratwurst gives this sausage a richer flavor over traditional beer-brats and worked very well with our mound of cheesy scrambled eggs. Breakfast for dinner? How about brunch for dinner!

That’s how we do German night at our house!

You like Blue Moon beer? We’ll you’re going to love Blue Moon Brats from Louie’s! We seared’em up and gave them the royal treatment. Steamed Amana sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and gravy, pickled ham with onions, old fashioned cottage cheese and pickled beets. That’s how you German-up a meal and it just might get Louie’s our Wurst Award in December!

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