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Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip: Casing Edgewood

We went over the edge with this one and we’re not worried about it at all. 609 West Union Street

Edgewood, IA: Clayton County

This project is turning out to be one amazing experience after another and if you have been following Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip you can see why, with all the delicious food we’ve cooked up from Iowa’s local meat cutters. On this trip, we headed to a state of the art facility when it comes to producing delicious meats of all kinds and cuts. Edgewood Locker got us to drive over an hour and we were glad that we did!

When you walk into the inspiring showroom of the Edgewood Locker, you’re met with walls covered in the countless awards that these talented butchers have accumulated throughout the years. Case after case filled with steaks, hams, jerky, bacon, local wine, cheese, smoked good and one that lured us to its doors right away. It housed 32 varieties of bratwurst…..Welcome to the Wurst experience of our lives, readers!

I’ve been accused of being a basket case before and now you can see why. I see local Iowa meat and I’m not leaving this world until I’ve done my best to try as much of it as I can. Luckily for us Edgewood Locker has plenty of these to fill up. Let’s see what we took home to Iowa City and started preparing!

Breakfast couldn’t come soon enough at the Team Goodvin home. Especially since we had some smoked maple breakfast sausage (left) and juicy blueberry maple bratwurst! We seared-up both in our cast iron skillet and dropped in fresh bacon grease in another for some beautiful blueberry pancakes and topped them with homemade blueberry syrup. And a side of blueberries. I like blueberries.

The second half of your life begins when you start eating your hot dogs topped with BBQ baked beans.

Lunch time! A huge pot of our own BBQ baked beans with plenty of Edgewood Locker bacon of course. The all beef hot dog snapped like a carrot when you bit into it like a great hot dog should. Get that masterpiece in a fresh bun and don’t look back until you’re done. Unless there’s another one waiting for then, yes, please look behind you and go to town.

Breakfast for dinner? You know it! Omelette me!

Let’s see here. I have fresh mushrooms, bell peppers, red onion, cheddar-jack cheese and a lot of eggs. That means omelette night! Made possible with Edgewood Locker’s smoked sausage filled with cheese and hash browns! Yes, cheese AND hash browns together in perfect sausage harmony. And don’t be afraid to top it with your favorite sauerkraut. It might just change your life forever. We’ll get after it again, Edgewood! We’ll see if you get The Iowa Gallivant’s Wurst Award in December….

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