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Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip: Casing Gilbertville

The Waterloo area has a lot of lockers and one of the most well known is in Gilbertville. The cow says Moooooooo! 422 13th Avenue

Gilbertville, IA: Black Hawk County

We zigged and we zagged through the Waterloo area and we filled up our cooler with meat from lockers all over the countryside. And didn’t even hit every single one. There was no way we were leaving without getting to the Gilbertville Locker and you’ll see why with what we took home. Let’s meet the crew.


The big board instantly draws your attention when you walk into the Gilbertville Locker and when we showed up it was VERY busy. Deer hunters are still getting their meat processed and that’s the name of the game in Iowa during the winter months. Even though it was gushing with customers, the trusty meat pros here were more than helpful when it came to suggesting their favorite products. Here’s what we created, when we got home, thanks to Gilbertville Locker….


That’s not going to be the last smile on this day. Always cover your flanks when it comes to eating pancakes. The best way to do that is to make sure you have plenty of breakfast sausage from Gilbertville Locker. That’s the best way to get in a quart of syrup if you ask me.


There’s BLTs and then there’s the BLTs that are inspired from what you purchase at Gilbertville Locker. Beautiful bacon with their cheddar and bacon filled bratwurst with fresh tomatoes, crisp lettuce, chunky blue cheese mayo and three pieces of buttery toast. Even the strongest cry at times and it’s okay to crack a tear when seeing this sandwich. I did. When it was all gone. We’ll see if we make a return trip to Gilbertville when we give a lucky

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