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Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip: Casing Dubuque

One of the proudest fathers in the tri-state region operates one of Dubuque’s best places to get the “wurst” we were looking for. 731 Rhomberg Ave

Dubuque, IA: Dubuque County

Our wurst quest is winding down as we get closer to picking our favorite stop in the world of sausage here in Iowa. The Dubuque area has plenty of ways to enjoy the splendor of Iowa like its history, the importance of the Mississippi River and a lot of fantastic places to eat. While restaurants get the most visitors I urge you to weave through the neighborhoods because you might just find yourself walking into Cremer’s Grocery and picking up some quality meat and perhaps a sandwich that Dubuqers cherish.

Chicken parmigiana is much better with a trusty sidekick.

Cremer’s wouldn’t let us leave without some of their bulk Italian sausage and we were glad we took the advice. This sausage made for perfect patties to go with our homemade chicken parmigiana and pasta with sauteed Baby Bellas and zucchini. That’s just meal number one!

Baked beans just got a lot more interesting!

Have the day off, Frank….Cremer’s brats are taking over this meal! We made a big’ole pot of slow simmered baked beans and in the last hour of cooking we added some juicy links of bratwurst. These were very well made because the casing stayed intact during the entire cooking process while securing the brats tenderness and flavor. Well done, Team Cremer!

Let’s start putting gravy first when we name our breakfast dishes.

Steak and eggs sound great when you’re preparing breakfast. It’s even better when you’re topping everything with made from scratch country gravy featuring Cremer’s breakfast sausage! Ladle this over the steak, eggs, fried taters, toast and…Well its your house so do whatever you want! I bet you could use a snack now. Watch this!


My shirt may say tacos, but we traveled here for one of Iowa’s most famous regional delights. The Dubuque area is known for a lot of things and the Turkey and Dressing sandwich is one of them. No, you do not need to wait for the Thanksgiving season because its offered all year long here at Cremer’s. Either buy it in bulk and warm it up at home or pop one of their pre-made sandwiches in the microwave on site and go to town.

Breaded pork tenderloin, loose meat, BBQ pulled pork and The turkey and dressing sandwich! The four horsemen of Iowa’s iconic sandwiches!

The big announcement is coming soon and we’ll see if it’s Cremer’s bringing home our wurst award!

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