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Brunch Time in Bremer!

*East Bremer Diner supplied a complimentary experience for this blog post. All the views expressed in this post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

Like a beacon beaming you into Northeast Iowa, East Bremer Diner has made their restaurant a Waverly staple. 117 East Bremer Avenue

Waverly, IA: Bremer County

There’s very few things we won’t travel for. Hold on….I just checked with our HR department and I’m being told that the last statement was a falsehood. We at The Iowa Gallivant will travel for all the splendor offered in Iowa and the classic Sunday Brunch falls right smack-dab into that. East Bremer Diner has the brunch goods and all you have to do is get up to Waverly and taste it for yourself. We did!

You gotta love a salad course with prime rib. It’s brunch so load your plate however you want! East Bremer Diner’s famous dressings and their crisp lettuce and some nutritious fresh fruit because you need your vitamins. Next up was that juicy shaved prime rib, zesty orange chicken….I’m going on! Sweet corn casserole that would impress your grandma, and….Get ready for this….Breakfast pizza! I have no data to back this up, but I think Iowa is the authority for this pizza pie and East Bremer Diner has a version all their own….and just..well..I really like breakfast pizza.

Freshly made omelets with all the great ingredients you’ll love and, my favorite, the waffle irons! We went makeshift breakfast sandwich style with the waffles, house-made sausage patties, all that bacon and real scrambled eggs. Topped that daddy with enough maple syrup to support a small Canadian village too. 8th course…maybe 10th. Let’s go with 11th. Hot biscuits and sausage gravy with the heaping side of prime rib hash. Noticing a trend here? Slow roasted beef with tender potatoes and more fresh eggs. We would have traveled to Waverly just for that and that ain’t no lie.

Don’t forget that brunch is best enjoyed in groups, so bring the whole dang family! And if you think you’re getting out of there without dessert than think again. Cuz you’re not!

The hard working crew, long lineup of hot roll-top warmers being loaded with delicious food, and full bar are all waiting for everyone at East Bremer Diner. All I have to ask now…When you going? Make that reservation or pop-in, because Waverly has their brunch on!

Thanks again to East Bremer Diner for hosting Team Goodvin and showing us how the brunch is done in Waverly!

3 thoughts on “Brunch Time in Bremer!

  1. We have been to the Sunday Brunch numerous times and it is fantastic! Never the same and always hot. The bacon is the best and my husband just loves the waffles. Make the trip, to East Bremer Diner in Waverly, IA. It is worth it, we are lucky enough to live 6 miles away!!

  2. Thank you for your blog post about the East Bremer Diner and for the link to our website! We look forward to welcoming you back to Waverly again soon!

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