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Gearing Up For Summer w/ Tacos & the Infamous Swinging Bridge

There’s a whole big world out there and we’re going to see all of it one taco at a time. Thanks to Linder Tire Service to sponsoring another post on The Iowa Gallivant and keeping us on the road!

The rains were coming, but that wasn’t going to keep us from visiting one of our favorite destinations. Where do you go for some of the best tacos on Earth? I know some of you are thinking about huge cities or heading WAAAAAAAY down south. Lucky for us, we’re less than an hour away from the town of Columbus Junction and one of Iowa’s best taquerias.

Louisa County is one of Iowa’s most beautiful areas in Iowa and you’ll notice long before you see the taco beacon in Columbus Junction. Antojitos Carmen is right on Main Street and was picked as Louisa’s must visit restaurant by Travel Iowa for 2018.

Fresh guacamole, killer tacos, and classic combo plates keep everyone well fed at this staple here in Columbus Junction. We’ve written about these great folks before and I’m sure we’ll be tearing into their authentic Mexican food for years to come.

Columbus Junction, Iowa
No bridge is too far when it comes to our Iowa destinations. Don’t worry, Leah. We’re in this Gallivant together.

We have a lot of great adventures and the swinging bridge in Columbus Junction adds to them. One of Iowa’s most gorgeous off the beaten path sites and a must see when you’re in the area. We keep gallivanting to these landmarks, but we can’t do without proper care for our family automobile.

We all hit that pothole, hear the clinky-clanky from the engine, and smell the uh-oh odor from our car every now and then. It happens. If you want to keep your car going strong with a little maintenance then why not take it to the pros at Linder Tire Service in one of their three locations in Iowa City, North Liberty and Grinnell.

The suspension is real! And I don’t mean the kind you get when you’re watching a tight football game. Get the suspension checked and help keep an entire list of potential problems from happening to your rig. Click here to see Linder’s coupons and start planning to get your tires inspected and replaced by the folks who have been doing it since the 1930’s!

We’re proud to be the official On the Road Ambassadors for Linder Tire Service and we hope to see you on to road with us. 

*Linder Tire Service is the sponsor to the content on this blog post. All the opinions expressed are of our own. Thank you for Gallivanting!


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