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Wakey, Wakey, Eggs and Bakey From the Northwood Holiday Inn Express & Suites

*Our stay at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites, in Northwood, was complimentary. The opinions expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s gallivant!

Messy hair…..Don’t care! I’m getting my coffee at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Northwood, IA! 4712 Wheelerwood Road right off of Interstate-35!

Northwood, IA: Worth County

You’re traveling, or you’re vacationing, maybe exploring. Whatever the reason you’re on the road, you’ll need a great place to rest and get all those feelings out that you need in your daily ritual. Like the feeling of coffee being the greatest reason to ever get out of bed. (Sorry family, you’re cool too.) Luckily, the Holiday Inn Express-Northwood.

Northwood, Iowa
That is your beautiful North Iowa morning in the spring! We’re getting closer to revving up that car making your way to the Holiday Inn Express in Northwood aren’t you.

We had ourselves a long and very eventful weekend just south of the Minnesota border. Lot’s of plans were in the making, but meeting the crew of our lodging partner for our getaway was first on the list. This hotel shoots out of the landscape as you travel the northern prairies and farmland of Worth County and surrounding areas. The staff here knows that many folks are coming in from long drives and they start the top notch hospitality from the moment the doors make that shwishhh sound when they open. That effect means game on for them and you pick up on it right away.

The rooms here are comfortable and by that I mean, you literally get to pick which style of comfort you want to melt into. The pillows have that right balance for the folks that like juuuuuuust right. From the water pressure in the shower to the big ‘ole flat screen TV and the security of the in-room Keurig, Holiday Inn Express-Northwood knows how to keep feeling at home and relaxed. The housekeepers had a smile in every corridor and made sure to ask if we needed anything all weekend.

Don’t worry about missing your daily ritual of working out. And if you son’t have one, you can start that New Year’s resolution right here in Northwood. It’s only 5 months behind…Go for it! They have the modern state of the art machines to get those lbs shedding and a weight-set to keep you ripped! I’d flex, but that’s a $4 shirt. Don’t want to Hulk out in that one. And don’t forget to soak those tender muscles in a little hot bubbly treatment when you’re done. They keep this area sparkling and inviting as you pass it every time. Your morning complete? Not even close, dude!

The breakfast cooks at the Holiday Inn Express in Northwood know how to keep the food hot, stocked up and keeping you coming back for more. The cooks were some of the most memorable people during our stay and they even shared a lot of laughs with us during our meal. The hotel was VERY busy, and you can see why by now, and they never slowed down. The perfect coffee was flowing, the egg white omelets never let up, and the pancake maker put in overtime.

Top of Iowa Welcome Center is right next door and you don’t want to pass this up. Not only is there a restaurant with incredible pies, they also have a wide range of gifts, souvenirs and,I should mention, pie. Pie is yummy. And another great Iowa tradition is right here on site with the Worth County Freedom Rock. Boulders are peppered throughout the whole state with the goal to have one in all 99 Iowa counties at some point. This is a great way to tour eye one patriotic Freedom Rock at a time! This neighborhood is only getting warmed up by the way…..

Chaaaaaaaaaa-chiiiiiiiiiing! Diamond Jo Casino is a North Iowa beacon that is an easy walk across the street from your room at the Holiday Inn Express in Northwood. That relaxing part from earlier can wait, so go win it big and don’t forget that your new friends from The Iowa Gallivant sent you!

Don’t forget! For just a small fee, the furriest members of your family can stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Northwood!

Our travels to North Iowa took us in many directions as we gallivanted the region from top to bottom. All the while, our 48-hour home was right there conveniently off of I-35 the whole time and keeping us in mind during our entire stay. Thank you, to the whole crew here. You knew just how to show Team Goodvin and all your guests how North Iowa hospitality is some of the best around. Thank you for the complimentary stay and being helpful lodging partner during our entire time up north!

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