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Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip: Casing Rowley

*The great folks at Mark’s gave us some complimentary products during our visit. This does not affect our review and the opinions expressed on this post are of our own. There’s trips to the candy store and then there’s trips to our version of a candy store. 106 Ely Street

Rowley, IA: Buchanan County

This isn’t our first post about a visit to this little town in NE-Iowa. It’s not our second either. Number three, baby! We came here last summer for Rowley Days and discovered a community that had an incredible heart and one of the best double cheeseburgers in the state of Iowa. Like most trips, we found another reason to head up here. Thanks to Marks Locker!

Marks Locker has a room full of their award winning meats and the actual awards to back-up that very statement. You know what a champion looks like after you visit this Buchanan County landmark. Let’s see what we took home!

Follow these steps, because you may bring your breakfast game up to another level with Marks’ famous Breakfast Bratwurst stuffed with potatoes, eggs, bacon and A LOT of cheese! Start by lightly searing the brats and set aside. In a cast iron skillet, add cooked hashbrowns, scrambled eggs with bell peppers and onion, chopped crispy bacon, slices of Breakfast Brats from Marks, shredded Cheddar and then seasoned sliced fresh tomatoes. Slide into the oven at 375 degrees for 20 minutes and do a happy dance when its ready.

The smokehouse at Marks pumps out some delicious products and we were lucky take some of them home. Let me rephrase that. Some of them made it home. The meat sticks and addictive jerky made it about 10 miles. What dis get to our kitchen was a few packs of some of the greatest smoked pork chops I’ve ever had. Cocktail night? Why not! Marks has juicy smoked pork links and we took them for a swim in BBQ sauce….four at a time.

I know a champion when I see one.

We come up with a lot of great ideas for Iowa’s local meats. Sometimes you got to go traditional. Marks handed us a package of their award winning Bratwurst and after one bite we knew why they have won awards. Perfect texture, juicy and worthy to be on Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip. We’ll see if Rowley can win our Wurst Award in December!

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