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Potluck Crashing-Chilly Day, Chili Day in Donahue

Don’t worry. It’s nice and warm inside and there are plenty of oysters for everyone. Oh, and chili too!

Donahue, IA: Scott County

What catches your eye when scrolling through Facebook? Hopefully you just said The Iowa Gallivant of course! Well, thanks for that, but I’ll tell what calls out to me…  hot chili with a little oyster coming in out of the blue. That’s all the road trip bait we needed to head to the little town of Donahue and Don’s Pub!

Don’t just sit there wishing you could go. Get it marked on your calendar for next year! 

Main Street, Iowa, is all I need in my life and Donahue had their Main Street filled on this day. We all love an all you can eat chili luncheon, but there was more to this event than gallons of hot chili and creamy oyster soup. Donahue is home to Sportsman’s Park and you can’t keep it maintained for free. This annual fundraiser gets the community together in the winter and keeps them together in the during the warmer weeks of the year at their proud park.

Sure you could drop-off a check and go on with your day. What fun is that! Share your table with some folks to catch-up and say hello to some new faces. We’ve been known to travel for some tasty food and we also love supporting Iowa communities such as this one. The chili, oysters, and dessert are a great perk, too. And let me tell you this….Whoever made the Everything chili can stop by our house whenever they want. Rich and tomato’y and load with meat, corn, mushrooms and so much more that could spark another road trip again. Let’s not forget about that Mac and Cheese that could bring traffic to a stop. With that I say this is officially another potluck crashed for Team Goodvin and thanks to Donahue, we look forward to crashing another!

This is what it’s all about right here. Click here on Donahue Sportsman’s Park Chili & Oyster Supper to see how you can support this wonderful facility and community.

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