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Our 2016 Iowa Meal, After Meal, After Meal….

After all these years, we Iowans still know how to sweet corn like champs!

Do we ever cook meals at home? Great question! The answer is yes, but if you’re a regular reader of The Iowa Gallivant you’d be right to wonder when we’re ever home. We love Iowa and we love the culinary experiences that it produces. Here’s some of what Team Goodvin managed to discover and devour in 2016…

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we have proved that over and over in 2016. From maple bacon donuts in Washington. Croissant sandwich in Decorah. Giant Belgium waffles in Corning. UFO sized pancakes in Waterloo. Eggs from Hell in Iowa City and unforgettable mornings at B&B’s in Ainsworth and Keokuk.

Street food…..Hell, yea! Some of our favorite stops were in West Point at the Corn Fest, Ethiopian fare in Davenport, and one of the greatest Italian beef and sausage sandwiches in Dubuque.

Pizza didn’t have a chance when it arrived at our table and we happen to find some of the best in the state! Mabe’s in Decorah on Christmas Eve. A late dinner at Mirabito’s in North Liberty. Some of the spiciest pie on earth at Forbidden Planet in Iowa City and an incredible mushroom pizza loaded with local ingredients at Kalona Brewing Company.

There was always room for appetizers. Turtle soup in Birmingham. Rumaki in Keokuk. Pulled pork sliders in Keosauqua. Made from scratch onion rings in Kalona. A flight of Iowa craft beers paired with their own tasty app in Fort Madison. Huge Buffalo chicken fingers in Wapello and squeaky cheese curds in Milton.

The classics were always represented. A juicy steak from locally raised Wagyu beef in Fort Madison. One of the original loose meat sandwiches in Ottumwa. Giant gyros in Waterloo. Tender smoked brisket in the Quad Cities. Tasty nostalgia at the last remaining Donutland in Cedar Rapids. Iowa’s infamous breaded pork tenderloin in Amana and a double cheeseburger at an iconic diner in Decatur City.

The ethnic delights were found all over the state. Norwegian fare in Northeast Iowa. Indian curry in Waterloo. Burmese masterpieces in Columbus Junction. Giant helpings of Lo Mein in Glenwood and a Czech feast in Cedar Rapids.

The sweet tooth was officially activated. Gingerbread house workshop in Eldon. Cotton candy with its own orbit in Corning. Traditional Amana pies. Classic strawberry malt in Shenandoah  and a gift of chocolate cake with ice cream from a neighboring camper in Leon.

And all those tacos, tacos, tacos! The taco tour was probably the greatest idea we ever had. Yes, that’s right. We were the first people to eat tacos all the time. Our 2016 gastro-tour was certainly unforgettable and we’re already warming up 2017 with another. Where you heading to? Seriously, we want some ideas…..

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