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One of Iowa’s Best Sweet Corn Festivals: You Missed It?

The little Southeast Iowa with a HUGE annual sweet corn festival!

West Point, IA: Lee County

We look back at opportunities all the time. Should I have purchased that ’72 Malibu that would have looked so sick in my garage for 10 out of 12 months on the year? Should I have taken that podiatry class 20 years ago so I can diagnose this pinky toe pain on my own? Should I have made plans to take in the West Point Corn Festival? Yes….Yes you should have stopped everything you were doing last August and celebrated all that is Iowa sweet corn. Have I shamed you sufficiently? Well, don’t worry, my little niblet, because this premiere corn festival pops up annually on the second Thursday of every August and runs through the weekend. Here’s what you have to look forward to…..

Naturally, there’s A LOT of corn on the cob. It is a sweet corn fest is it not. But how much did Team Goodvin and the rest of the festval goers have to pay to get in to the festival? How about ohhhhhh….Nothing. That’s no surprise though. Dozens of Iowa festivals don’t charge for admittance and West Point is no different. Well, how much is all that corn they cook up? It’s free. You heard me, it’s free. FREE SWEET CORN ON THE COB! This festival cooks up thousands on top of thousands ears of corn during a hot 4 day stretch and it is absolutely no charge to any of the hungry visitors. Just a short wait in line, and you can grab two ears at a time and get right back at it. Corn is the headliner here, but it’s not all that you can take in during this festival.

We love corn. We also love freshly squeezed lemonade, grilled sausages, funnel cakes, and a 20 yards of whole chickens char-broiling all day and night. That’s just a sample of all the food selection in West Point during this festival. You can also find small boutiques with clothes, jewelry, and tons of gift ideas. All of your classic carnival games and rides are peppered through the town square with a little bingo on the side. Call it first time to West Point’ers luck, but Monie nailed down a bingo on her first game! The extra cash went right to Lee County’s Freedom Rock project going up right in downtown West Point.

Guess how all that corn gets cooked! An antique steam-operated tractor supplies the power to the huge corn cooker that doesn’t stop turning out delicious local corn on the cob all weekend long. West Point volunteers put in long hours to keep all us festival-goers fed and turn out for these jobs year after year.

Don’t even tell me you don’t have your 2017 calendar marked yet. There are many,many annual corn fests in Iowa and throughout the Midwest you can take in every year. West Point’s is truly one of the best and you won’t be disappointed after planning a late summer road trip to this Lee County gem. Thanks for buttering up The Iowa Gallivant, West Point!


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Thanks for reading! -Team Goodvin

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