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A Bed & Breakfast on the Prairie

So Dear To My Heart (SDTMH) Bed and Breakfast is one of the most peaceful places you can stay in East Central Iowa. 3355 Old White Way near Ainsworth

Washington County, IA

Near the Washington and Louisa County lines is a rural retreat that has been the destination for travelers for a number of years now. Nestled between pastures and farmland, SDTMH gives its guests an experience that is amazingly unique to Iowa and this picturesque region. Monie and JayJay were heading north from our Southeast Iowa road trip looking for a night’s stay when our memory was jogged. It was the perfect opportunity to call on SDTMH and Brenda, owner/operator/superwoman, had some accommodations ready to go for us when we arrived at 11pm.

The large farmhouse has been calling to people for generations and lured in its current owner. Brenda knew this house and land well, growing up through the years visiting the family that lived there. She had a connection to this home from a very young age and dreamed, quite literally I might add, about taking ownership of the property one day. The opportunity came up, a number of years ago, and Brenda made her dream come true, turning this single family home into a B&B.

This old farmhouse has a lot of history as do most. Brenda and some of her guests have experienced some “regular” visitors and residents of SDTMH. Brenda thinks that some of the past family members still reside at their old home and a few guests have claimed to see glimpses of apparitions. Brenda says that none of the permanent spirits that call SDTMH home are frightening or harmful. Rather a welcoming addition to the house.

Brenda supplied the breakfast and great conversation late in to the morning. Coffee, juice, fruit, blueberry pancakes, French toast, country ham, and thick cut bacon. The dining room overlooked the parlor and we were surrounded by beautiful original woodwork everywhere. We have said this a thousand times and we’re sure to say it again. We didn’t want to leave and we can’t wait to come back. Especially knowing that we may see one of Brenda’s ghostly visitors. You may roll your eyes when you hear stories like this. i happen to think that you get a say of where and how you get to spend eternity. Where did you have the time of your life? Where do you recall having your fondest memories? What is so dear to heart? I can answer all of these nostalgic questions with great accuracy. What’s heaven to you? Brenda and company found theirs.

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