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Eastern Iowa Wine Country

Bottoms up Eastern Iowa. It’s grape season somewhere!
Louisa and Muscatine Counties

We’re taking a sip out of a very scenic part of Iowa as we head to a region that we’re very familiar with. A little wine sampling with some breaks in between as we hike and discover our way through another great rural tour in this area’s wine country. JayJay and Monie’s first stop is at Odessa Vineyards!

Odessa Vineyards and Winery sits right in between some of Louisa County’s plentiful farmland and beautiful public lands close to Port Louisa National Wildlife Refuge. We purchased a couple dandies and went for a hike. The refuge supplies outdoor enthusiasts with ample trails, lookouts, wildlife, and scenery you can only experience in Louisa’s majesty. Wine, sweat, and trails!

We ventured into Wapello and ordered up a quick appetizer. Classic chicken fingers with classic spicy Buffalo sauce with a classic view of the Iowa River flowing past our table at Johnnie B’s.

We took our time getting to the next destination. The afternoon was absolutely beautiful and there were plenty of places to take in the peaceful countryside this are has. Down one of the gravel roads was one of several pioneer cemeteries that dot the Iowa landscapes. History is being preserved here and we were happy to take in the amazing scenery near Newell Cemetery.

Endless sunny skies guided us all the way through Louisa County and in to the small town of Letts. It was here where we crossed into Muscatine County and made our way into Ardon Creek Winery. It was time to get a little more sampling in. Ardon Creek has several award winning wines and you can taste why. They had better be careful. Their display shelf is getting weighted down by a lot of medals!

We grabbed two more bottles of wine and took a break on a small hill surrounded by soy beans. The slight wind swept through the leaves and created the affect of waves. A much needed day out for us and another great trip through apart of Iowa’s unique scenery. See you again, wineries. Keep making great wine and we’ll keep joining you for more endless afternoons.

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Thanks for reading! -Team Goodvin

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