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Scouting RAGBRAI 2016-Shenandoah in Full Bloom

Chamber of Commerce Marketing Director, Shelley Warner, and all of Shenandoah are locked in for the returning riders of RAGBRAI!

Shenandoah, IA: Page County (Our 30th County!)

Another longtime friend of RAGBRAI is gearing up for another round of riders rolling through in July. Summer is a great time to visit Page County, and the annual two-wheeled invasion of Iowa has made the area even more busy. Overnight #2 is loaded with history and ready to make more in late July! How about we cool-off. Let’s stop by Jay Drug! (Click on the pictures for descriptions and addresses.)

Shenandoah will have plenty of shade, churches, and public areas to beat the heat during RAGBRAI. One way to manage a proper cool down is to get a history lesson and support local museums at the same time. You’ll find that Shenandoah is proud of their history and you can see it at every turn all over town. Their historical museum runs on donations and will have the cool-air kicked on for the riders and any and all history buffs. One of the booming major industries that Shenandoah is famous for are the early days of radio. Local studios introduced the entire country to entertainers, actors, and musicians. Most notably were the Everly Brothers. If you’re not a history buff already, Shenandoah may change that. From it’s museums, landmarks, to it’s restaurants and sidewalks, Iowa’s rich history is as colorful as it’s proud flower industry in Shenandoah.

The early June days of Iowa have been hot and so might be the late July summer mercury. The local craft beer makers were pumping out some delicious brews in Shenandoah during our visit and there are no signs of letting up, especially when the RAGBRAI nation pops in. The Depot’s beer was cold and well crafted and so were their gourmet sodas. I say this with all seriousness- order whatever you’d like at The Depot but do not leave Shenandoah without getting a tall glass of their Cream Soda. Truly one of the best sodas we’ve ever had! They poured Gigi both of their crafted masterpieces of Root Beer and Cream Soda. The Depot is also another way to take in the areas rich history with an impressive collection of photographs, newspapers, and artifacts all over the restaurant.

Have we mentioned that Shenandoah is one big time capsule yet? There’s no escaping the feeling of walking in the footsteps of history in Shenandoah. Seriously, watch where you step. You could literally be stepping on a famous Iowan. And while you’re looking down, don’t forget to look up. Shenandoah has some very talented young artists that have created public murals all over town that can be found scavenger hunt style with a list that can be picked up at the Chamber of Commerce.

That’s funny….We’re hungry too! And Team Goodvin is hungry for some classic Iowa fare. Time to step in to yet another establishment that’s proud of the meals they work hard and the town they do it in. Lu & Al’s Cafe is a great stop to help with that growing feeling you’re experiencing in your stomach and yet another Page County history lesson. Lu & Al’s had that classic Iowa menu we were searching for and the classic genuine welcoming feeling that makes small town Iowa so memorable. We ate heartily, read-up on old Shenandoah, and made another great friend. Pictured below is Ole (Pronounced All-E) with her newest fan, Gigi from Team Goodvin. Ole and the crew made us feel right at home.

SW-Iowa showed us what it has meant to the history of the area and world. So many people have come out of Shenandoah and surrounding areas that have been intricate in music, radio, agriculture, horticulture, science, literature, business, and industry. RAGBRAI-2016 is rolling through and

Shenandoah is ready to make more history. Who else is ready for another stone plaque on their infamous walk-of-fame!?!

The Iowa Gallivant found some prime real estate ready for the next famous tenant on Shenandoah’s walk-of-fame.

A big thank you to…..

Shen Chamber
To Shelley Warner of the Shenandoah Chamber of Commerce! Thank you for all your time and giving us lowdown of your proud city. Have a great summer ahead!
To all who we met gearing up for this giant celebration coming in July. We can see why RAGBRAI loves Shenandoah!

Please take time to visit…..

rag 2016

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Thanks for reading! -Team Goodvin

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