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Scouting RAGBRAI 2016-From Lewis & Clark to the Bike Brigades: Discovering Glenwood

The historic Loess Hills are awaiting the RAGBRAI invasion of Western Iowa. Team Goodvin hits the trail.

Glenwood, IA: Mills County (Our 29th County!)

I always ask people to tell someone who’s been on RAGBRAI that Iowa is a flat state. You’ll get many degrees of responses immediately. And you’ll more than likely never say that again. One of the most hilly areas of Iowa is the staging point for this year’s greatest annual bike tour in the world. A veteran when it comes to hosting RAGBRAI, Glenwood is prepping for it’s record tying 7th time as an overnight on the route. Returning riders are very familiar with this Western Iowa town, but they’ll be pleased to see what’s new for Glenwood this year. Team Goodvin tackles the hills and the uniqueness of overnight #1!

I think Glenwood is gearing up for RAGBRAI-2016.

We brake for Glenwood and so will thousands of riders in late July. The streets will be busy and so will the historic town square. A new perk for this year’s Glenwood sendoff will be the convenience of carrying your cold adult beverage all through the downtown district. Take a sip and stroll through Glenwood at your own pace. Something all RAGBRAI’ers can get behind while enjoying the Iowa summer. Let’s take a stroll through the square and get some carbs! (Click on the pictures for addresses and descriptions)


The portions were large and would help any rider fill up with carbohydrated energy you’ll need. The Lo Mein was nice and sticky and with a chewy texture. This was Lo Mein as it is intended to be. Not soft and oily. They were quick and didn’t skimp on the proteins and crunchy veggies. Let’s find something to wash this down with! Hello, Vine Street Cellars!

You can find more waterholes to go along with your tour of Glenwood. Weave your way through the crowds and look no further than The Quarthouse Lounge & Grill. The name says it all folks. Cold drinks will flow!

You’ve had a couple beers and a giant plate of Chinese food. I believe it’s time you go get a new sundress that you’ve promised yourself. Slip it on over the spandex and put cute little basket on your handlebars and ride RAGBRAI in style. JWren is just the boutique to help make this happen.

Since this is Glenwood’s seventh time hosting RAGBRAI, it’s not hard to find the seasoned organizers that will be volunteering their time to make the event enjoyable for all who attend. Let’s meet the not-so-average Joe’s of Glenwood. Find them at the Opinion-Tribune and Joe Designer and give’em a good ole-fashioned, sweaty RAGBRAI hug!

*Our stay here was complimentary. The opinions expressed on this blog post are of our own.

The cloudless day was giving us our fair share of hot sunshine in Glenwood on this day. Time to check in to our beautiful loft located right smack dab in the middle of downtown. Glenwood’s DZ Loft is a restored 1800’s apartment that provides a perfect setting to your visit. Overlooking the town square and walking distance to anywhere in downtown Glenwood and beyond.

It’s to bad that Lewis & Clark and the rest of the Corps of Discovery didn’t have the benefits of downtown Glenwood when they were going through SW-Iowa. Maybe the trip to the sea would have never happen if they had. We’re talking good times. I mean why go on to Nebraska when you have Glenwood. That’s right…I said that. What’s up, Husker State! How about we checkout the camping grounds before this gets too chippy.

You know what would make camping in Glenwood that much better. A brewery that’s a short walk and shorter bike ride away from your tent. Done! We know RAGBRAI-goers love craft beer and so does Keg Creek Brewery. The suds are ready and the army of beer lovers are too. Keg Creek Brewery  is ready!

The dinner bell was ringing and The Iowa Gallivant came calling. How about something meaty, juicy, spicy, smoky, and hand-battered. That sounds a little like a griddled cheeseburger on toasted sourdough with jalapeno-bacon and a side of homemade onion rings. That sounds a little like Tom & Tiff’s Family Restaurant . They know how keep busy, RAGBRAI. Tom & Tiff’s kitchen crew and speedy servers are primed for the riders.

The entertainment, hospitality, cooking, lodging, and all around good times were plentiful during our stay in Glenwood. We can only imagine what the show will be like for RAGBRAI in July. The hills are calling and wanting to test legs and backbones of the riders ready to take on SW-Iowa. Enjoy the scenery, RAGBRAI and gallivant at your pace. Go get’em, Glenwood!

The scenic By-Way through Iowa’s Loess Hills. Ready for the the RAGBRAI expedition.

And now for some HUGE thank yous….

To Kori Kenkel of DZ Loft. You provided a great experience for us. Your loft was beautiful and is perfect for downtown Glenwood.
GW chamber
To Linda Washburn and everyone at the Glenwood Chamber of Commerce. Thank you for taking the time to get us prepped for your great town. We can see why RAGBRAI keeps coming back!
gw rag
To all of the great people organizing RAGBRAI-Glenwood event. We can tell you’re looking forward and more than ready for your big sendoff!

Please take time to visit…..

rag 2016

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