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Long Live Donutland!

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Cedar Rapids, IA: Linn County

Oh, if only these sprinkles could talk. They might wonder why Team Goodvin wants to see them disappear. It’s because we do. We were on a road trip to Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area in Palo, IA and wouldn’t you know it……we were getting close to the 42nd street exit off of I-380, in Cedar Rapids, and I happen to know of an establishment that is worshiped by many. Our family garden has been planted, but the early summer harvest is too long to bare the anticipation. Let’s make a Donutland run!

Located on 4307 Center Point Road NE in Cedar Rapids, Donutland is the proud beacon to donut lovers of all generations.

Let’s turn back the clock to the mid-80’s. Dallas is the greatest hit known to man, (the TV show, not the football team. The Cowboys took that decade off and only their snarky fans wept over it. Bring it Texas!) people are flinging a sticky miniature octopus against your mom’s clean walls, and the ANF (America Needs Farmers) sticker is introduced to the Hawkeye’s helmets at the 1986 Rose Bowl Game. There are also an ample amount of local Donutland’s peppered between the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City areas. A region we now call The Corridor.

One of the famous Donutland shops of yesteryear. Decor may change, but the donuts are just how we remember them. (Picture provided by Donutland Twitter page)

As well all know, donuts can be enjoyed at all times at any point of the year. I know this because a 4am pastry hankering can only be fulfilled in just a few ways. However, when I think of Donutland, I hearken back to early Sunday afternoons in the church rectory after mass in Marion, IA. Dozens of Donutland’s cake style donuts were on display on the counter tops as we all shuffled through hoping there would be one of your favorites left to snatch up. The usual conversations would ensue as my brother and I would inhale our breakfast. I enjoyed watching the older folks dunk their donuts in hot coffee and wondered if I would ever have the guts to do the same. And if you haven’t made that leap, I suggest you get on it! It’s a life changer.

The sight of these boxes have stirred the imagination of thousands throughout the years.

It’s now 2016 and Center Point Road NE-Cedar Rapids is the home to the last remaining Donutland. Now a destination locale and still a local staple. Well worth the drive from anywhere you’re at in CR or simply passing through like we were. The coffee is always hot and delicious. The donuts are just as I remember them from the days of chasing my friends around after church. And a trip to Cedar Rapids feels more fulfilling after you’ve splurged on a good ole fashioned cake donut.

The glaze….The powder…..The sprinkles and shaved coconut! We’re not stopping because we’re just passing through anymore. We’re heading to Cedar Rapids because Donutland exists and that’s all the reason we need!

The promise of a road trip for any reason is enough to get me bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Donutland is just one of many Cedar Rapids landmarks that provides a bevy of memories for locals and visitors and is still serving up good times year after year. You know its been a while…..Go get a donut! CR style….

Thanks for reading!-Team Goodvin


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