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Season One of The T-Bone Trail in Western Iowa: A Delicious Region Full of Endless Steaks

*If you’ve been following The Iowa Gallivant then you’ve been seeing A LOT of Western Iowa and inside all those adventures, from last year’s excursions, was a fantastic steak! Diners, taverns, steakhouses, supper clubs, greasy spoons, cafes, smokehouses and so many more restaurant concepts feature this internationally adored masterpiece of meals. Well, folks it’s Western Iowa where you can find some of the most delicious cuts of beefy majesty you’ll find in any regions throughout America. The meals featured in this blog post were complimentary and the views expressed are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

There’s going to be plenty of days spent outside under the beautiful skies of Western Iowa this summer and beyond. You’re gonna to get hungry, and this entertaining region has a huge list of wonderful restaurants. With plenty of juicy steaks!

Creating an incredible road trip throughout Western Iowa is easy to do. The Loess Hills National Scenic Byway, Western Skies Scenic Byway, White Pole Road Scenic Byway, Glacial Trail Scenic Byway, Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway and the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail all have their paths carved into this big region. That’s a lot of miles on some well known roads, but there’s thousands of miles on county blacktops, gravel roads, urban centers and Main streets to explore. They’ll take you into countless communities and reveal beautiful Midwest scenery during your own gallivants every time. Then there’s the restaurants! Start scrolling and see the the thick-cut, juicy, slow cooked, smoked, charbroiled, pan-seared, grilled and downright delicious steaks we had on our travels during Season One of the beefiest promotion we’ve ever been on. Click on the links below, and experience our adventures in all the wonderful participating counties on the inaugural T-Bone Trail in Western Iowa!

The Purple Door: Harlan, Iowa in Shelby County

Directly on the Harlan town square and showcasing a wide range of dishes on their menu. The Purple Door T-Bone was the obvious choice for a Shelby County culinary getaway!

The Bowling Alley: Odebolt, Iowa in Sac County

The bowling alley that’s not a bowling alley anymore, and it’s still called the Bowling Alley! One of the juiciest Ribeyes we had on the entire trail. Sac County is full of public art and roadside attractions so dig into this Bowling Alley steak in between all that picture taking!

Whiskey Springs: Hamburg, Iowa in Fremont County

Whiskey Springs is nestled into the hilly timber and directly on the Loess Hills National Scenic Byway in Iowa’s most southwest corner of the state. This unbelievably tender Prime Rib is best paired with the stunning sunset you’ll encounter while you have your dinner.

The Prime Rib: Spencer, Iowa in Clay County

Oscar style Prime Rib at The Prime Rib! Spencer’s most well known event is the HUGE Clay County Fair, but anytime of year is a great time to visit because of great times to be had on Grand Avenue and beyond. The Prime Rib has reached legendary restaurant status with the locals and travelers on HWY 71.

Wiota Steakhouse & Lounge: Wiota, Iowa in Cass County

Someday you might find yourself traveling Historic US Route 6 and develop a craving for a steak! The Ribeyes at the Wiota Steakhouse can give you a tasty pitstop through a beautiful stretch of rural Western Iowa.

Jonny B’s Pub & Grub: Pocahontas, Iowa in Pocahontas County

One of Northwest Iowa’s most iconic roadside attractions is here in Poky. Arrive to the towering Pocahontas statue around supper time and have the Steak de Burgo at Jonny B’s. Bacon wrapper Filet Mignon topped with a creamy sauce in the Princess City!

The Montgomery County Fair in Red Oak, Iowa

The annual steak supper at the Montgomery County Fair, and it’s grilled up by the local Cattlemen Association! I loved flipping these steaks with the crew and all the Ribeyes found their way onto countless plates during the awards ceremony!

Just One More Bar & Grill: Primghar, Iowa in O’Brien County

Hit the links at the Primghar Golf & Country Club and then go for Just One More in the clubhouse! This Sirloin was topped with grilled mushrooms and onions while I enjoyed it with a wonderful view of the course.

The Barn Burner: Brayton, Iowa in Audubon County

Not too far from the I-80 exit and near some of Iowa’s interesting and popular roadside attractions. Take some pictures with Albert the Bull in Audubon, the Plow in the Oak near Exira and then get a thick-cut Prime Rib at the Barn Burner after you see the Tree in the Road in Brayton!

The Purple Palace: Bedford, Iowa in Taylor County

Bedford’s Purple Palace with a Midwest specialty known as the Chopped Steak! There’s endless ways to prepare this classic meal and this one was served over Texas toast and topped with melted cheese, grilled mushrooms, bell peppers and onions! Click on the link above and see where we found the most remote historical landmark we’ve discovered in Iowa….

Wagon Wheel Café: West Bend, Iowa in Palo Alto County

West Bend is home to the world’s largest grotto and one of NW-Iowa’s very popular restaurants. Head to town for the Grotto of the Redemption and walk to downtown West Bend for a Ribeye on the Wagon Wheel’s sizzling plates!

Burns’ Grill: Doon, Iowa in Lyon County

Look at those grill marks on that Ribeye! Burns’ crew has turned this restaurant into one of best places to get a steak in far NW-Iowa. Casino, historic hiking, and a collection of stunning murals in Rock Rapids. Public art and juicy Ribeyes in the furthest northwest corner of Iowa!

The Twisted Tail Steakhouse & Saloon: Beebeetown, Iowa in Harrison County

Another popular steakhouse directly on the Loess Hills National Scenic Byway. The Twisted Tail showcases entertaining live music with this mouthwatering Top Sirloin, award winning burgers and much more in Beebeetown! I love saying, Beebeetown. Beebeetown!

Sizzlin’ J Bar & Grill: Galva, Iowa in Ida County

Historic US Route 20 goes through Ida County and Galva is one of the many towns on this trek from Boston to Newport, Oregon. Sizzlin’ J’s has legendary BBQ and you can add this surf and turf Ribeye greatness to what makes this restaurant a fantastic one! See you on Old 20…

Pioneers Pub & Grub: Casey, Iowa in Guthrie County

White Pole Road Scenic Byway winds it’s way into the small town of Casey. Pioneers’ Prime Rib special is on the long list of Western Iowa destinations that does this slow cooked beauty like pros!

Rudy’s: Farnhamville, Iowa in Calhoun County

One of the smallest towns in the area and it has a classically trained chef that’s creating memorable meals at Rudy’s. Calhoun County has more of those roadside attractions we love and a gourmet Ribeye in Farnhamville! Let’s just say there’s an impact crater nearby, and its so big you wont even know you’re in it….

J Bruner’s: Clarinda, Iowa in Page County

One of the cheesiest experiences we had on the trail. The J Bruner’s Kansas City Strip can be ordered with melted Bleu Cheese, and don’t pass on the onion rings! The birthplace of Glenn Miller with unique museums, a large town square and meals like this!

1015 Steak Company: Sibley, Iowa in Osceola County

Butter me up NW-Iowa! The 1015 featured a great variety of steaks including this big’ol Ribeye. And just look at those yummy hash browns. Don’t leave Osceola County without stopping at Hawkeye Point where you’ll find Iowa’s highest point!

Primrose: Corning, Iowa in Adams County

Introducing the Teres Major on The T-Bone Trail! This unique cut is gaining some steam and Corning’s Primrose has the talent that can turn this cut into a phenomenal dinner. Primrose has become one of Iowa’s most well known restaurants for all the farm to table lovers everywhere!

McKeen’s Pub & Grill: Spirit Lake, Iowa in Dickinson County

Iowa’s Great Lakes area features boundless opportunities to keep anyone entertained during a much needed vacation. And you know there’s tons of restaurants! McKeen’s grills up a beefy Ribeye so I had them pile on tasty grilled mushrooms and onions. Lake time=Steak time in Dickinson County!

Classic Café: Malvern, Iowa in Mills County

The BEST smoked Prime Rib I’ve ever had! Classic Café is just off of the Wabash Trace which means you can peddle right into this town in this scenic area of SW-Iowa. Look at that rich au jus…Homemade mashed potatoes and gravy…..rich mushrooms….

Ada J’s Steakhouse: Ute, Iowa in Monona County

A beautiful Ribeye topped with melted garlic butter near the beautiful Loess Hills that’s topped with endless Western Iowa skies! Small towns keep amazing me, and that includes Ute and Ada J’s. This place may have some of the best loaded hash browns you’ll ever have in your life!

716 Main: Humboldt, Iowa in Humboldt County

More ways to make your road trip a cheesy one. Humboldt is known for its wrestling history and now the huge venue that is 716 Main. I ate every bite of my Top Sirloin with those cheese filled au gratin potatoes!

Fireside Steakhouse & Lounge: Anthon, Iowa in Woodbury County

The biggest steak we had on the entire trail! The Fireside’s Tomahawk Ribeye would make Fred Flintstone very proud and stuffed. Btw…This was our appetizer! We sliced it up and passed it around the large group that was joining us before we had more steak. You read all of that right. Be sure to explore more of Anthon and see one of the biggest Freedom Rocks in Iowa!

Spencer’s Chophouse & Tavern: Creston, Iowa in Union County

The Prime Ribs keep rolling-in on the trail! Uptown Creston has become one of the premiere communities when it comes to displaying unforgettable murals. Walk the streets and find your way into Spencer’s for this delicious Prime Rib!

Cherokee County Cattlemen in Cherokee, Iowa

I love it when a plan comes together! You drive around Cherokee County all day and the local Cattlemen brings their mammoth grill right out to the Grainery Lodge for a home cooked steak night! Giant T-Bones with the locals at one of Iowa’s most incredible faculties for parties and all sorts of gatherings you may to book!

Billie Jo’s Bar & Grill: Algona, Iowa in Kossuth County

Aged Ribeyes are one of the true treasures in the steak world. Kossuth County is Iowa’s largest county and State Street-Algona features many delightful NW-Iowa businesses. One of those is Billie Jo’s and this was the second time they made it on The Iowa Gallivant! You can say, our last visit “aged well.” Hahahahahaha!

Mother Nature’s Restaurant: Estherville, Iowa in Emmet County

The one and only Tri-Tip Sirloin we had on the trail and it was at Mother Nature’s. Cooked perfectly, lean, and very juicy. I recommend adding on the made from scratch potato salad that’s prepared with Mom’s recipe. That’s all I needed to hear! You’ll want to look into Estherville’s famous meteor that caught the attention of the world….

The Golden Pheasant Steakhouse: Remsen, Iowa in Plymouth County

32oz bone-in Ribeye in Little Luxembourg! Remsen’s Golden Pheasant is a local legend and with steaks like this you can see why. Let’s do this again for the annual Remsen Oktoberfest someday!

The Shop Bar & Grill: Arcadia, Iowa in Carroll County

Fresh cut steaks from Arcadia Meats right across the street! That’s how The Shop welcomed us in with this perfectly charbroiled Ribeye. Carroll County is another hotspot for some of Iowa’s popular roadside pieces of Americana. They will always make any road trip that much better and this area of Western Iowa can get you to keep making stops all day!

Olive Branch Family Restaurant: Greenfield, Iowa in Adair County

Another ride on the Western Iowa surf and turf! Greenfield’s historic Public Square is hone to Hotel Greenfield and the Olive Branch that the locals flock to. Adair County has some terrific backroads and blacktops on rolling hills through the rural splendor of SW-Iowa.

Wagon Wheel Bar & Grill: Sioux Rapids, Iowa in Buena Vista County

We hit the waterpark at King’s Pointe in Storm Lake for a few hours and worked up a big appetite. We smacked a home run with this marvelous Ribeye, at the Wagon Wheel, and the best part was we were just a short drive from the Glacial Trail Scenic Byway. Roads full of Ribeyes in Western Iowa!

Pizza King: Council Bluffs, Iowa in Pottawattamie County

The Council Bluffs locals absolutely cherish this longtime family owned restaurant. Generations have been meeting at the iconic Pizza King for their delicious meals and friendly family like atmosphere. I like knowing that I can order a legendary pizza with a side of T-Bone steak!

Wow, that was a tasty list of amazing times on The T-Bone Trail! We can’t thank everyone enough who made this inaugural promotion such a spectacular expedition throughout the 36 county Western Iowa region. This includes all the folks that organized our trips and to the Iowa Beef Council for supplying some memorable prizes to the participating restaurants on the trail. And another humongous thanks to the hardworking producers that make our meals happen everyday of our lives. Now, let’s get back to Season Two of The T-Bone Trail and keep gallivanting!

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We’ll see you on the trail from sunup to sundown and until the cows come home!

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