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Trekking the Scenic Des Moines River in Humboldt County, Iowa

*It was a day of hitting plenty of parks and paths when we stopped in Humboldt County! We were in te middle of a long stretch of the T-Bone Trail and I thought it would be a good idea to see miles of the area on foot and through the trees. Our visit here was sponsored by Western Iowa Tourism. Some of the meals, goods, and services were complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

Like a superhero rising from the mighty Des Moines River! Frank Gotch is one of the hometown heroes of Humboldt.

Humboldt County, Iowa

I’ll admit that I’ve driven past more of Iowa’s walking trails then I’ve ever attempted to utilize. However, I wanted to change that in a big way in the summer of 2021. We managed to stay very active on the Western Iowa T-Bone Trail and one of the most calorie burning days was in Humboldt County. Make me earn that steak supper! This NW-Iowa community certainly came through on this request.

Stay Active

Memorial Park in Dakota City was the first of many steps through Humboldt County.

You’re going to hear a lot of references to Des Moines in this blog post and none of them pertain to our state capital. Humboldt County is one of several counties that this historic waterway goes through and we followed its banks for most of the day. The Des Moines also happens to be my favorite interior river in Iowa and I couldn’t wait to explore more of it up here in NW-Iowa! We start in Dakota City….

This beautiful stretch of the Des Moines flows past the campground of Memorial Park and it’s a great way to take off the shoes and get your feet wet in the cool river during the summer.
Up the hill from Memorial Park is Three Rivers Trail. It’s on what was an old rail line and goes through multiple counties here in NW-Iowa.
A shady and scenic stretch of Three Rivers Trail in Dakota City, Iowa.

That’s an impressive way to introduce Humboldt County when you’re seeking to stay active. On its own, Three Rivers Trail would usually have been enough for when it comes to a scenic stroll during our Gallivants. And this was the second time that this trail has made it on our travel blog this summer! However, we need to keep up the pace…

Rose Mill Park in Rutland leads you to another historic feature on the Des Moines River.
You can get close to the old mill, but not past the fence line. The adjacent campers get to hear this spillway all night long from their campsites.
A downriver view of historic Rose Mill.

I immediately put Rose Mill Park on my list of campsites I want to stay at in the future. The thought of hearing the river cascade down the spillway while I doze off sounds unbelievably therapeutic and relaxing to me. It was another wonderful way to go up and down the rocky banks which helped my imagination sore on the Des Moines.

Just outside of Humboldt is Gotch State Park and another round river views!
Not an official hiking trail, but it does the trick here at Gotch State Park. Plenty of shade for an afternoon on the Des Moines!

Frank Gotch seems to be following us around! When you’re a juggernaut in Iowa’s long history of great wrestlers, you get a lot of things named after you. I wonder what I would need to do for a state park namesake. It’s a little too late for a career with the rest of the cauliflower ear nation….Or is it?

Back to the City of Humboldt and Bicknell Park’s great views! You can say that Humboldt “Gotch” me again….
Sundown on the Des Moines and there’s still plenty of time to enjoy the last parts of the day with a little splish-splash. Look at that horizon!

That’s just some of the ways you can see Humboldt County on foot and I was very grateful to have made it happen. I have seen miles and miles of my favorite river, but before this day I never explored the banks from NW-Iowa. And as you saw from above, Gigi and Frank could have been buddies. I think I deserved a steak today…

Let’s Eat Steak!

Just up the road from Bicknell Park is the main business district of Humboldt and 716 Main! You are about to encounter a great atmosphere and plenty of ways to keep you fed in a huge restaurant!

716 Main in Humboldt was about to seat a very hungry family! 716 Sumner Ave
The cheeseburger with BBQ sauce was a Gigi staple during our summer and 716 Main kept her smiling and her cheeks messy once again!
Not an actual menu item, but Charlie made some alterations. He ordered a bacon cheeseburger and a side of 716’s famous mac and cheese with a game plan on his mind. Next thing you know his burger is getting a mac attack!
There’s that 10oz sirloin from 716 Main! Those char marks look nice and uniform and it made me feel very confident that it was going to be nice and medium-rare on the inside.

There’s a lot of ways and cuts to get a steak and sometimes it’s good to go with the classics. 716 Main grilled up a lean yet juicy 10oz Sirloin. Cooked just they way I like it and it went well with several bites of their potatoes au gratin. Which is a side you don’t see offered everyday and that means I nearly leapt for the hot skillet when I watched them get delivered from the kitchen. Sautéed fresh green beans, buttery Texas toast and a lot of good tunes being played from the speakers as we enjoyed our meals at 716 Main. You know what else this place has to offer? Keep scrolling!

They have a fantastic salad bar and then there’s this! The cinnamon roll and chili combo is a Midwest tradition and 716 Main has a serve yourself option that die hard fans of this delight would go ga-ga for!
716 Main is home to the tool bar and I recommend a glass of their own brew from Tractor Lift Brewing! And this frosty feature helps to keep your beer nice and cold through the entire glass. Is there a way to do pint angels in that frost? Click here and see our video from 716 Main!


AmericInn & Suites is just a short drive to wherever we need to go in Humboldt. It’s also walking distance to a bowling alley and more restaurants! 307 13th Street North 515-604-5000

And now we relax. Relax in a very nicely positioned AmericInn & Suites-Humboldt! Centrally located for a lot of what we wanted to do in town and with a fun and friendly staff to interact with. They kept up the good vibes the entire time we were here and that is always so very awesome to experience after a long day of Gallivanting like crazy!

This is the look when a dad joke goes over ones head and lands perfectly with another. Thanks for being a great sport, Gigi! Charlie, we’ll go over it again someday.
We put in some miles on Humboldt County’s trails so we might as well put in some laps and cannonballs at the AmericInn’s pool!
You can even have a nightcap at the AmericInn with some cold Iowa craft beer!
Bring it! The hot and complimentary breakfast was stocked and ready for everyone starting their day!
The coffee island is my kind of destination anywhere I go. I could castaway at the AmericInn’s easily.

We enjoyed our stay and got into everything they had offered here at the AmericInn & Suites-Humboldt. Very clean, great beds, hot showers after a summer day outdoors, tasty breakfast, and plenty of reasons for us to check back in another day. I loved how it was located and the crew got me to smile whenever I talked to them. AmericInn, I would do it again!


My second time in Humboldt, Iowa and my second trip to Caribbean Coffeehouse! There was no way I was leaving town without visiting here.

Located on the north end of town of of HWY 169 and just plain awesome! One of my favorite coffeehouses in Western Iowa!
Who’s that playing peek-a-boo behind the menu? One very refreshing and delicious ice coffee coming up for a guy who’s moving on to the next county.

The Humboldt County day was a long one and I mean that in a good way. It felt like we stretched out a beautiful summer afternoon and extended the evening with swimming and relaxing at the hotel. Getting out in the trails was a great way to stay active and I truly appreciate a this area of NW-Iowa in a different way than we usually do. And I can’t tell you how fulfilling it was to explore the Des Moines River like we did. There’s so much scenery and natural wonders all over Iowa and that’s something I’ve said many times before. Humboldt County gave us a gift of their own unique ways to spend a day outdoors. I really wish I took a bite of Charlie’s mac-burger…..

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Where we heading to next time, Gigi?

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