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Our White Pole Road Getaway in Western Iowa: Taking the Scenic Byway for Prime Rib in Guthrie County

*’Through the western roads of Iowa and into Guthrie County’s legendary byway on the inaugural Western Iowa T-Bone Trail! Our Gallivant was sponsored by White Pole Road Scenic Byway. Some of the goods, meals, and services were complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

You’ll be greeted by these signs throughout your whole day on White Pole Road!

White Pole Road-Guthrie & Adair Counties & surrounding communities

There’s a byway that cuts through the center of the state and winds into Western Iowa with an irresistible winding flow to it. Through scenic rural views, into small town Main Streets, and back to the countryside splendor that makes a road trip through Iowa a unique one. Sure, we have tons of wide open acreage of farmland, woodlands, wetlands, prairie preserves, and never ending blacktops and gravel roads. But you hardly ever go more than 30-40 minutes without driving into a town of any size. White Pole Road is one of the best rural paths for scenery, history and small town America in Iowa!

Breakfast Time

There’s always a good time for breakfast and especially when you’re heading up and down Iowa’s byways. We’re always looking for a hefty portion of my favorite meal and Menlo is where we found a great spot. The gravy train was making a stop at the Melo Cafe!

Sherman Street-Menlo with the sun shining on this Guthrie County city on White Pole Road!
That’s an inviting sign right there!
Loaded hash browns! This was a major theme for us on the road in Western Iowa. And this was the side for the biscuits and gravy!
No more waffling over our breakfast choices. Freshly cooked waffles that were nice and ho
A salute to you, White Pole Road!

That’s a great start to any day right there. Friendly service and cooks who know how to get a hot breakfast out to your table for your table. Always a fantastic energy booster to a road trip!

Stay Active

Not too far from White Pole Road is Panora and it’s main draw to the area. Lake Panorama is a great drive in the summer and fall!
This lake is a beautiful one. Our first time here, and why did it take so long for us to finally make the trip! Lake Panorama is a rec area that we’ll be visiting again for sure.

Staying active was a focus for us all year. It also showed us parts of Iowa we’ve never seen or heard of. Lake Panorama had wonderful scenery and I was glad to finally see it. But it was the off the beaten path locations of Guthrie County that were the most rewarding.

Just down the road from the town of Stuart is Nations Bridge Park. Let’s hit the trails!
The summit of Nations Bridge is this shelter with trails heads in multiple directions .
Into the Guthrie County unknown! Well, unknown to us…

Get out and see these natural wonders all over the state! Especially when they’re in your own backyard. Guthrie County has plenty of trails and woodlands to explore and that includes the next place we searched for. This would be one of the most beautiful walks we took all year.

Down a gravel road and into the Guthrie County rural wonders is Sutcliffe Woodland. Find it and grasp onto it as long as you can. This will be one of the most rewarding hikes you’ll take anywhere in Western Iowa.
Past the entrance sign and picnic area and into trails of natural beauty in Guthrie County. I was very much amazed with how this woodland’s positive energy felt.
Wildflowers and thick woods at Sutcliffe. Plenty of smiles to go with the scenery as well.
Never enough moments like this. Enjoy every smiley moment on your hike through Sutcliffe Woodland.

If there was one place I had to pick for my only stop in Guthrie County’s public areas it would be there at Sutcliffe Woodland. The drive down the gravel made the anticipation sky rocket with each curve of the road. This kept us more than active and kept our imagination swirling the entire time we were here.

A break at the pond in Sutcliffe Woodland.

Roadside Attractions & History

Keep driving on byways and you’ll find these roadside attractions like this! A pleasant looking Hereford in Casey making it on the T-Bone Trail!
I’ve been interested in Civil War history for most of my life. I find myself stopping at these monuments more and more as I get older. Guthrie Center’s for sundown.
Sheeder State Prairie Preserve on the very steep and hilly roads of rural Guthrie County.

The changing scenery and miles of trails are an enlightening way to travel through Guthrie County. If you love to learn about local history then make sure you swing into Panora and spend some time at the Guthrie County Historical Village and Museum!

Down the road from Panora’s main business district is this Guthrie County time capsule.
The classic railroad days of yesteryear are on full display here.
Inside the dining car and inside America’s past on the rails.
We shall wait for our porter thank you very much.
The caboose quarters are always a humbling site. King’s quarters for anyone who was born to work the trains.
Hurry up, Gigi! We need to get to the Chicago stockyards while the market is hot!
Inside the luggage room of the old depot at the Guthrie County Historical Village.
If only these depots could talk. The golden days of this era is fascinating and this complex does an excellent job of preserving and depicting it.
The centerpiece of the Guthrie County Historical Village & Museum.
Inside an old Guthrie County cabin and into Western Iowa homesteading.
All the necessities a pioneering family would need in Guthrie County’s early days.
Inside the museum and all we needed to see to get an education on the natural history of Guthrie County.
Many twists and turns and exhibits to keep the historical momentum going in Panora!

I lost count of how many local museums we visited, on the T-Bone Trail, and that’s a very good thing to say. This complex was highly recommended by friends of mine and I was very glad we stopped by. As always, I wish we could spend more time at these museums, but we had more of the county to see!

Let’s Eat Steak

Our roadside adventures didn’t stop when it was supper time! Directly on McPherson Street and just begging for you to take some time and relax in Casey.
McPherson Street in Casey, Iowa! Time to get a taste of this Guthrie County and White Pole Road establishment!
Right next to that beautiful gazebo and mural is Pioneers Pub & Grub! 618 McPherson Street in Casey.

Steak night on White Pole Road! Pioneers Pub & Grub made another juicy meal happen with a classic special we got to know very well on the Western Iowa T-Bone Trail. Let’s make another Prime Rib supper a tasty and memorable one in Casey!

Don’t leave without a refreshing cocktail from the talented bartenders at Pioneers Pub & Grub!
Salad bar was open for business! Fresh ingredients that were chopped and diced for all with house made delights to fill up your plates!
Appetizers coming at’ya! Meaty chicken wings and some of the hottest and most interesting fries you’ll have on White Pole Road!
Let’s get a pic of the crew at Pioneers Pub and Grub! You like those shirts they have on? Then stop in and by some yourself and friends!
This is how I want all of you to remember me. A big portion Thick-cut prime rib with that glamours smile.
Thank you to everyone in the Pioneers Pub and Grub family for another entertaining day in Western Iowa! Everything was great, Colleen! We loved the rustic decor and the feeling of having a Casey, Iowa masterpiece for supper.

Wonderful salad bar that led to the chicken wings with a Prime Rib punch in Casey! Fantastic restaurants are all over White Pole Road and Casey has a great one! The Pioneers Pub & Grub peeps were so fun to hang out with and it made our meal that much better. This was an incredible slice of Iowa Beef in Guthrie County! Click on the video below and see what we’re talking about…

Prime Rib memories all over Western Iowa for us!
We weren’t leaving Casey without dessert! The Casey Creamery knew there was a couple travelers with a sweet tooth in town.


We stuck to White Pole Road when it came to our accommodations for the night. Adair, Iowa and the Fett Guesthouse! 501 Broad Street
The proud owners! JoAnn and Marvin welcoming us to Adair.
Directly to the porch we go for a sunny and relaxing break at the Fett Guesthouse.
Spacious living room, but this was just the start of our time at the Fett Guesthouse.
The woodwork of the Fett Guesthouse is everywhere and looks amazing throughout the home.
Multiple bedrooms and all of them getting decorated in their own unique ways.
Full kitchen for a full family or carload of friends traveling White Pole Road in Adair!

Marvin and JoAnn relocated the Fett Guesthouse to its current location on Broad Street in Adair. Never an easy task but they got it there, and are so proud to host visitors inside their dream project. The Fett Guesthouse is right across the street from Adair City Park with its campground, and walking distance to restaurants right down the road. We loved the historic atmosphere and the rooms were very cozy. It’s a perfect place to have a gathering and have the entire family enjoying a getaway with a neighborhood feel. This isn’t all that I have to say about the Fett Guesthouse! Stay tuned to The Iowa Gallivant because we have more to show you from this Adair, Iowa gem!

Bonus Beef

Hey! We had a beef producer joining us in Casey!

It was the first time I spent this many miles on White Pole Road and I can see why so many people have enjoyed this stretch of countryside highway. The fall road trips are in full swing and I know we could all use a getaway during the harvest season. Guthrie County’s splendor is there in every scenic corner and in every bite at its popular restaurants. A White Pole Road Getaway could be your next tradition of traveling Iowa and seeing the western reaches of the state in a whole new historic byway style!

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I miss the summer too, but imagine how Lake Panorama looks right now in the height of autumn!

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