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Luxembourg Meets Germany in NW-Iowa & You Get a 32oz Ribeye in Remsen

*Heading into far NW-Iowa and then BOOM! We’re in Plymouth County! It’s a huge county and our day would be spent in Remsen where one of the area’s popular restaurants is located with a herculean sized steak that was ready to make history on the T-Bone Trail! Our visit here was sponsored by the Remsen Chamber of Commerce. Some of the goods, services, and meals were complimentary. The views expressed are always of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

The sky’s the limit on the Western Iowa T-Bone Trail, Coach! I’m going to enjoy this proud Plymouth County town all day!

Remsen, IA: Plymouth County

A little Germany mixed with a little bit of Luxembourg and blended with a whole lot of NW-Iowa. The landmass that is Plymouth County is a huge one and you can spend a whole lot of time driving around it from the Loess Hills in the west to the rural outreaches in the east where Remsen is located. We were in town for a huge steak supper and we found a restaurant that has been specializing in those type of memorable meals for many years. However, there was more of Remsen we needed to gallivant before the Fred Flintstone sized cut of beef would present itself. Let’s get some drives in after a long drive to Remsen!

Tee Off

You are always reminded of the proud Remsen heritage wherever you go in this town. Including the local golf course!

Remsen Golf Course had the big blue skies over us and the green grass under our feet when we showed up on a warm Sunday afternoon. The links had plenty of golfers enjoying the course while my son and I got a lot of energy out at the driving range. You’ll want to see just how much I slaughtered those golf balls in the video below!

I never had a chance…I mean, those golf balls never had a chance. No matter what happens, an entertaining afternoon was going to be had in Remsen!
Don’t act like you want to challenge me! Please don’t because I need a lot more practice.
Let’s just say that this young man did a much better job than his old man on this day.

It doesn’t matter how far the drive goes. Just enjoy them all when your son by your side. Both in the car and on the links. I’m glad we didn’t take any bets on this day though. Thank you, Remsen for getting us out on the course during this summer day on the T-Bone Trail!

Let’s Get Some History

There’s some incredible architecture in Iowa’s small towns and we’ve had the honor to see a lot of it. Historic structures of all kinds and this includes the amazing Saint Mary’s Catholic Church. Not only is it a beautiful church, but it’s also a perfect way to take a break from the sun in a very spiritual way.

The steeple towers over the Remsen horizon with an unbelievable Western Iowa sky to go with this scene.
The artistic structure is truly inspirational at every turn.
Rows and rows of pews in a house of worship that has been home to generations in Remsen. Natural sunlight pouring in through the colorful stained glass and onto all of here at St Mary’s.
The beauty doesn’t end at the church. Walk the grounds and make sure to visit this grotto and take in all the precious landscaping this parish takes care of.

We enjoyed it all. The plants growing outside, the endless horizon over the church, the calming energy you feel inside, and every thought out detail put into the masterpiece that is St Mary’s. We spent an hour here and it felt gratifying to unwind on these grounds and inside the church. We appreciate Iowa’s history and unforgettable architecture in all its forms. Thank you to St Mary’s for showing my family just how peaceful a summertime road trip can be.

Let’s Eat Steak!

Well, you knew it was coming at some point! It’s time to see the Plymouth County rep on the Western Iowa T-Bone Trail!

The Golden Pheasant has fed a long list of local regulars and out-of-towers for many years. It was time to make my own memories at this classic NW-Iowa restaurant!
It’s nice to know that I’ll have plenty to choose from while I’m here. But, it’s going to be another steak night for sure!
You can’t have a great supper without great hosts! The Golden Pheasant had plenty of hospitality to go around!
Show me the way to the salad bar! This was a staple all over Western Iowa on the T-Bone Trail.

I love Iowa’s iconic institutions of everything delicious and The Golden Pheasant is absolutely on that tasty list. The decor has that supper club feel and every server was friendly to every table they went by. Even if they weren’t waiting on them. I took my spot at the bar and watched one of the biggest steaks in our travels show up!

32oz bone-in Ribey….Bring it on!

HUGE steak! And cooked with precision to medium-rare with great skill. Those grill marks tell me the cook on the charbroiled wasn’t performing in the first rodeo at The Golden Pheasant. The whole experience was wonderful all around. From the folks working on this evening to the fresh salad bar, and to the moment I dug that serrated knife into a giant piece of juicy Iowa Beef. Watch the video below and see what I’m talking about!

That was an extremely happy man in that video!

Stay Active

The kids wanted to go swimming and I wanted to hit the walking trail. One thing I know is that there’s tons of Iowa’s small towns that have fantastic aquatic centers and public pools. Remsen is one of those towns and you can keep the family active at the pool and stretch your legs at the nearby walking trail here at Sunrise Park!

Time to put that Golden Pheasant protein punch I just received to good use!
Cool down at the public pool during your time of exploring Remsen!
While taking a walk I discovered the local disc golf course. I was fresh out of discs so I improvised!

The afternoon and into the early evening in Remsen gave us another Western Iowa community we can add to the list of entertaining small towns we’ve visited. It was a hot Sunday and we seemed to relax and enjoy Remsen like the locals do in this town. Hit the links, stop by church, get a great meal at The Golden Pheasant, and take advantage of the public park while there was still daylight. We were visitors and we made ourselves right at home in Remsen. Thanks for the weekend getaway and wellkomm to town everyone!

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Holy biergarten! Now I really want to come back to Remsen and be just like the one of the locals!

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