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Make it a “Pointe” to Visit Storm Lake: King’s Pointe Resort

*Summertime on Iowa’s lakes will be here soon and we all need to start making our plans for some getaways in these energetic communities. That means the City of Storm Lake is gearing up for another busy season that’ll be full of families and vacationers that love coming to Northwest Iowa! Our stay at King’s Pointe was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

Our second time to King’s Pointe on The Iowa Gallivant, and third time making it to Storm Lake! I guess we can say we’re becoming regulars at this popular waterpark! 1520 East Lakeshore Drive 712-213-4500

Storm Lake, IA: Buena Vista County

Let’s go lake hopping this summer! One of the areas that has a high concentration of watery destinations is Northwest Iowa, and if you don’t believe me, then just look at a map. Or just take my word for it! I’m talking about Storm Lake being one of those communities that not only has the lakefront we’re all wanting, but an added perk for our sunny days spent splashing around. Get your family prepared for a getaway with the waterslides and a beautiful lake at King’s Pointe Resort!

One of Iowa’s most popular summertime lake towns has a resort that’s bringing in all styles of travelers. King’s Pointe-Storm Lake is attracting families, weddings, folks looking for weekend getaways, last second road trippers, spontaneous gallivants and anyone needing some entertainment mixed with their relaxation on the lake!
Take an immediate break when you show up to King’s Pointe, and kickback in this scene right here. Fireplace, great furniture, sunshine, wonderful decor and we haven’t even gotten to our room yet!
Checking into King’s Pointe with a spectacular view from the lobby. This resort never seems to let their guests lose sight of this town’s biggest and most beautiful landmark that’s been giving visitors enjoyable memories for decades.
Another view and another opportunity to watch the lake. The NW-Iowa sunshine flowing in with the sounds of lake water and all around summertime splendor with every moment on our suite’s patio.
And now it’s time for the King’s Pointe main event! The waterpark was ready for Team Goodvin and everyone who wanted to slide their way through the warm Storm Lake day. Time to get some energy out with a lot of high speed adventures all afternoon long!
That’s the smoothest landing we made all day in Storm Lake!
Sometimes it’s best to be lazy. Take a break and float through the King’s Pointe waterpark on their easy going lazy river. One of the best ways to relax and soak up the sun in Storm Lake!
And once again….The lake is never too far away. Let the nap time commence…..
Summers in Storm Lake are always a good idea for your getaway, but you don’t have to limit your calendar to just one season. King’s Pointe also has an indoor waterpark facility that’s open year round. You know there’s plenty of days between Labor Day and Memorial Day when you could truly utilize an indoor adventure like this one.
Now, Dad needs a quick break. Just a few steps down the hall, past the front desk and into the Regatta Grille! A cold one with our trusty friend….You guessed it…The lake behind me and the Regatta Grille offers a perfect evening view.
A walk outside with the Storm Lake sunset. This path follows the waterfront for miles and you can stroll down this exact spot directly outside of King’s Pointe Resort.

A wonderful night’s sleep on a very nice bed. That’s exactly what I needed and that’s exactly what I received in our suite. The staff did a fantastic job of preparing the room and the entire King’s Pointe crew were working like true professionals the entire time we were here. Friendly NW-Iowa folks that operate a modern resort that’s full of entertaining ways to keep everyone enthusiastic while enjoying all of Storm Lake. Well, now I’m hungry again…

Back to the Regatta Grille for a big breakfast and one more date with the lake by my side. Biscuits and gravy with NW-Iowa scenery . Have I mentioned how many awesome views there are at King’s Pointe? We’ll, there’s a lot….

Thank you to people of Storm Lake for making another memorable Gallivant happen at King’s Pointe and all over town. Iowa’s lakefronts bring out the best of our summers, and you can add this Western Iowa resort to those long and hot days coming soon. Make it a “pointe” this year!

Make your reservations for King’s Pointe Resort on their website.

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