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Sac County & Its Beefy Trailhead: Massive Amounts of Public Art & Iowa’s Most Underrated Lake Town

*The inaugural Western Iowa T-Bone Trail had to make its last stop at some point. I was so glad to have this wonderful set of NW-Iowa communities closing it out. Our visit was sponsored by Sac Economic and Tourism Development. Some of the goods, services, and meals were complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

Western Iowa’s stretch of Old Highway 20 has some of the most picture worthy welcome signs and murals in Iowa. Lytton’s is one of the best and most detailed and it welcomes or waves goodbye to travelers in Sac County everyday.

Sac County, Iowa

There is no way I can accurately count how many times I’ve had Sac County’s roads under my tires. Tons of getaways to see family in the town of Early, exploring Historic US Route 20 (Old 20), and short visits on road trips heading to who knows where. Sac County has been a part of my life since I was an infant and I couldn’t have been more excited to have this area being the closing act to the greatest Western Iowa promotion ever. The inaugural Western Iowa T-Bone Trail started in Cass County and a few months later we crossed county lines into Sac. Our 34th and final destination on this beefy expedition. Let’s get started!

Roadside Attractions & History

Western Iowa has an amazing amount of roadside wonders. NW-Iowa seems to have highest concentration of these quick picture taking opportunities. Then you have a county that feeds into the road tripping imagination like glorious professionals. If you’ve traveled to Sac County then you’ve traveled to what is Iowa’s premier destination for roadside attractions. This NW-Iowa county is LOADED with so many ways to get you adding onto your roadside dream list with a head spinning frequency. Let the passengers do the head spinning cuz the driver needs to stay focused. Get comfortable with your foot on the brake pedal when you’re in Sac County! Click on the video below and meet one of the local artists that’s getting more travelers doing that braking…

You gotta like what Tanner is doing for his Sac County community! Sometimes your life changes after one palm tree. It did for Martin’s Welding.

Sac City is an Old 20 town and they are beautifying their beloved community with an incredible amount of public art. Park the car and walk the town for a self guided tour of a roadside-America haven! And make sure that smart phone is fully charged…

Those aren’t fireworks. Those are towering dandelions near the Sac City Aquatic Center. They look their best at night so make that hotel or campsite reservation!
Empty space no longer! Sac City tucks in a public space directly on Main Street with more of our Auburn welding wonder getting his artwork on display. Welcome to Cattail Cove!
Directly on Old 20 on the east side of Sac City! And this is just a few of the welded pieces on these roadside rock gardens!
Main Street-Sac City for a world record holder. The World’s Largest Popcorn Ball always gets our attention when we’re in the neighborhood!
Directly behind the Popcorn Ball is this historic village that also has a museum for yet another opportunity to enjoy your day on Main Street-Sac City.
The east side of Sac City got a lot of our attention when we arrived. Here’s a great way to enjoy a day at the park in a historical way. Chautauqua Park and it’s vast anchorage of public land!

There’s a lot of small towns that do city parks in a BIG way. Sac City is one of those towns I’m talking about with Chautauqua Park. Keep those sneakers on and the phone revved up because this place will keep you active and educated the entire time you’re here on the banks of the Raccoon River.

1908-Sac City. That’s what you’re seeing when you approach the historic Chautauqua Building. 113 years young and still ready for events.
It’s not uncommon to see a fish cleaning shelter. But how many times do you run into a community fish cooker! See that QR code? That’s why you’ll want your phone ready because there’s much more of Sac County’s history to read about when you get to clicking on those black and white square thingy-bobbers.
How about a look into one of Sac County’s original pioneering homesteads. Humbling cabin for a humbled family making their own history in Sac County.
WPA workers were very busy in the 1930s and Sac City hosted many of them. This building at Chautauqua Park was one of their many masterful projects and it’s still put to good use in the 2020s. No burgers or wieners? C’mon man!

Sac City May have the most of Sac County roadside attractions, but they’re not only ones that produce these magical moments around here.

Martin’s Welding is based out of Auburn, Iowa and Tanner’s creations can be seen here as well. Those are just two random trees. Those are trees of steel!
Make sure you head to Mohr’s Farm Market when you head to Auburn. They always have a great selection of seasonal delights!
Taters, t-maters, melons and more at Mohr’s!
Early for the Crossroads of America sign! Wall Lake for the Andy Williams Birthplace! Odebolt for the Iowa Rural Schools Museum! Wow, we are Roadside’ing this county!

Lake View is what I call Iowa’s most underrated lake towns. The main attraction is, and always will be, this southernmost glacial lake in America, but there is a lot more to of this city that want you can do on the water. Let’s start with the roadside attractions!

Well, thank you! I feel welcomed!
I will always except a photo-op with anything that makes me look smaller.
Perhaps one of the best lakeside views from a veterans memorial in Iowa.
Take a break on Main Street at Milton’s and get some energy while you coffee-up!
Lake View is a tourist town but it will always have its agricultural roots.
The Sauk Rail Trail is always a good idea for a quick picture or a long walk/ride in Sac County.

Stay Active

We’re still getting warmed up in Lake View! Black Hawk Lake and Black Hawk State Park to go with it. The hiking trails of Black Hawk can lead you to many scenic places and mythical landmarks like Witches Tower. What goes on there?

Take a look at the daily forecast because you’ll want to keep those kayaks, canoes, and fishing boats at the ready this fall. This is a fantastic recreational lake that has a fantastic crew that tends to the campground. Watch the video below and keep scrolling to see what this town and Black Hawk Lake features!

Black Hawk Recreation Rentals is an incredible addition to Lake View!
There’s decades of service to Lake View and Black Hawk Lake in this picture. You’ll want to visit with the longtime hosts at this beautiful Western Iowa destination.
Don’t forget…You can also pedal your way around Lake View!
I look a little aggressive in this pic, don’t I. Well, when you miss a three foot put…I don’t want to talk about it. My putter was eventually returned and didn’t land on the bottom of Black Hawk Lake.
You ca bring your RVs and campers to Lake View but you can also get some glamping done too. Look at these very handy cabins you can enjoy!
There’s more to see inside this building that’s hovering over Black Hawk Lake. Btw…Look at that Sac County sky!
Inside is a perfect way to get some fishing done for folks with disabilities and special needs. Another reason why everyone can enjoy Lake View, Iowa! Btw…I dared him to do a belly-flop, but we had a long day ahead. Next time though!
Beautiful stonework on display again and this time at dusk in Lake View. Stop here in the summers to see live bands playing on this lakeside landing. What a beautiful evening walk around Black Hawk.
Back to the Sac City outskirts and Hagge Park!

Our second trip to Hagge Park on The Iowa Gallivant, and it was just as enjoyable as the first. Dense woodland with scenic trails ahead!

We stay active and have fun doing it during our adventures on the T-Bone Trail!
Hagge Park is home to the Sac County Conservation Board and this facility above. Keep the youngsters entertained and check out their newly completed mural that wraps around some of walls!
On edge of town is Sac City’s Riverview Park. Another round of trails on the Raccoon River for a picturesque stroll through Sac County.
Back to Chautauqua Park and this disc golf course. We found a lot of these in Western Iowa so get those discs flying at another course to challenge your skills!


Sac City has been home to a steakhouse for many years and this new one is already gathering up a large fan base. The locals and travelers of Old 20 are loving Cattlemen’s Steakhouse!
Meatloaf for lunch? Sign me right up for that! Crispy chicken sandwich and refreshing iced tea for this group. This is a small-town gourmet destination that’s making a huge splash in Sac City. You know we’ll be coming back for dinner someday!


A familiar sign for us. Lake View’s Cobblestone Inn & Suites has the most scenic of their properties in Iowa. 119 Boulder Drive 712-657-2660

If you’ve been following The Iowa Gallivant over the years then you know how much we enjoy this family of hotels. Cobblestone Inn & Suites-Lake View has Black Hawk Lake within walking distance of the patio just outside our room. This was without a doubt the best view we’ve experienced at all the Cobblestones we’ve stayed in.

Just seconds after checking in. Leah knows how to relax at Cobblestone Inn & Suites-Lake View!
A lively lobby with plenty of comfortable options to enjoy outside of your suite.
Nook is a word I’d like to use more often. So here’s Cobblestones breakfast nook! Complimentary and always nice and hot with plenty of coffee.
Back to my room and noticing that my favorite show was on. Thanks, Leah!
Cobblestone Inn & Suites always has quality products stocked up to keep you smellin’ great! And for some reason I wanted to make these into earrings.

Lake View is a growing tourist destination and it’s nice to know that they have a beautiful and fantastic Cobblestone Inn & Suites to help bring in the masses. The beds are always comfortable and the staff was helpful and kind once again at this property in Lake View. I loved the short distance to Black Hawk and how it was just a few minutes of a drive from all of Lake View. This was an excellent hub for us in Sac County! But we’re not done showcasing this county yet….

Let’s Eat Steak

How many trips have you taken to your local bowling alley in your life? At any time did you ever devour one of the finest Ribeyes at your local kingpin establishment? Odebolt, Iowa is home to their own bowling alley, but theirs has a very unique twist to it. Watch the video below from The Bowling Alley at 401 South Des Moines Street in Odebolt!

The last steak on the 2021 T-Bone Trail

Lively crowd and some premium service to go with all the delicious food at The Bowling Alley! I love it when I can sit with a bunch of locals that are proud of their hometown restaurants. You could tell that the area’s faithful enjoy flocking to The Bowling Alley. Where can I rent a pair of shoes?

Fresh salad bar with a lot of my favorite choices. Boiled eggs are always must-have for me when I’m piling my plate high.
Get a closeup of that J-U-I-C-Y charbroiled Ribeye. I’m serious when I say this…The Bowling Alley in Odebolt might just be my favorite bowling alley of all-time. But seriously, when is league night?

Breakfast Time

Morning on Main Street-Lake View. Dorthy Jane’s Bakery making the day even more sunny in Sac County.
Everybody do the twist in Lake View! These donuts are what you need for the start of your day in Sac County. Fresh, fluffy, and hits the sweet tooth with gourmet ease. Can we make shirts that say, Walter is my homeboy? Because I can’t wait to see what he’s up to again at Dorthy Jane’s Bakery!

I can’t believe I’m about to write the last closing paragraph from the collection of participating counties on the Western Iowa T-Bone Trail. It was a project of a lifetime and it was so personally fitting to have the trail come to its finale in Sac County. So much of my life has been spent here in this NW-Iowa community and I still managed to explore places that I’ve never been to. I’m very proud of all the public art on display and the preservation of Sac’s history. Lake View’s boundless opportunities when it comes recreation and entertainment was so inspirational to see, and I know the positive momentum will keep going in its future.

For years when someone would mention Sac County I would think of Grandpa’s pipe smoke and Grandma’s fried chicken. My mind would go to days playing with cousins for hours at a time and Christmas gatherings. I still think of all those times, but now I have so many more memories that can go with all the rest of them. I have the T-Bone Trail to thank for that. No matter what, I will always still have family in Sac County and all of Western Iowa. Bless all of you…

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Sunset at Tomahawk Marsh. Thank you to everyone in Western Iowa. We miss it there very much.

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